Kaycan Instrument


Kaycan Instrument are a Hi-tech corporation that specializes in the design and manufacture of petroleum laboratory test instruments for quality control applications. Based in Dalian, Kaycan Instrument export innovative instruments worldwide with installations in over 60 countries. Their unique range of advanced instruments provide solutions for quality control applications across a diverse range of products from jet fuel to lubricating oils.


Kaycan Instrument offer a comprehensive range of petroleum laboratory instrumentation, both manual and automatic, as well as standards and accessories conforming to the latest ASTM, ISO, IP and related international standards. We invite you to view their current range of instrumentation and contact us for customized solutions to suit your specialized requirements.



Kaycan Instrument are accredited to ISO 9001 for the design, manufacture, supply and service of quality control instruments. Kaycan Instrument products are designed, built, inspected, delivered and serviced to the highest of standards.


ServicingIn Australia, Crea Laboratory Technologies provide in-house and on-site servicing of your instrument. Their goal is to be the best and most dependable instrument company in the market place. 



Kaycan Instrument are proud to have received ASTM, SGS certificates.