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Main Features

  • The analyser is managed by an integrated touch screen panel PC by means of the dedicated software running in Windows® ambient.Bench top analysers with two test positions.Bath made in aluminium with integrated cooling system.

  • The cooling of the sample happens inside the dry cooling block.

  • The instruments is equipped with motor compressors with gas CFC free.



  • width: 34 cm

  • depth: 50 cm

  • height: 50 cm



  • 30 kg



Determination of the Crystallization Point


Main characteristics

User friendly

  • Automatic Analyser for the determination of the Shukoff and Tempering curves

  • Determination of min T - max T

  • Automatic calculation of the slope (Q = ΔT/Δt)

  • Easy sample preparation: with glass bottles and / or disposable plastic cups

  • Rapidity in analysis execution

  • Excellent repeatability of the analysis

  • No particular maintenance required


Measuring devices

PT100 sensors class A


Measuring Parameters

  • Temperatures: in °C

  • Measuring range: +80 °C … –50 °C

  • Bath temperatures: –10 °C … +60 °C

  • Heating curve: 3°C/min

  • Cooling curve: 1°C/min



User friendly

  • Main features

  • interfaceReal time display of all the analytical parameters

  • Independent managing of the two / six test positions

  • Storage of all the analysis

  • Storage of the results in Excel® format

  • Display of the graphic

  • Execution of recipes

  • Curves comparison

  • Printable results



  • Automatic calibration of each temperature probe by means of the calibration decade box (Art. OilLab 80-T)

  • Storage of the data referred to the calibration

  • Last calibration date referred to each single probe displayed



Access to all analogue and digital signals (inlet and outlet) in order to verify their functioning.



Calibration decade box – PT100 simulator with cable and connector for Thermofat range (Art. OilLab 80-T)


Spare Parts

  • Thermo 206: PT100 sensor (color)

  • Thermo 220: Shukoff bottle 19/26

  • Thermo 221: Shukoff bottle 24/29

  • LT-1412: Teflon stopper 19/26 with hole for PT100 sensorLT-1422: Teflon stopper 24/29 with hole for PT100 sensor

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