SP20​ Smoke Point Tester


Smoke Point Tester


ASTM D1322


IP 598

Def Stan 91-91



Performing the smoke point test manually requires highly skilled technician with years of experience. Additionally, the manual test is time consuming. The automation of the smoke point test introduced by AD Systems had drastically improved the precision of the test in comparison with the original manual method, and consequently became the referee in ASTM D1322 and IP 598.


It uses a system that adjusts the size of the flame associated to a video camera that observes the flame. When the flame attains the shape described in the test method, the SP20 memorizes and reports the height of the flame.


The SP20 comes with embedded temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. An atmospheric conditions compensation (patent pending) can then be applied.


Upon switching on, the SP20 is ready for a direct sample measurement, no matter of the ambient conditions, reducing by 2 hours the labor normally spent for the complete calibration procedure, including the preparation of the 7 mixes.



ASTM D1322

ASTM D1655

IP 598

DEF STAN 01-091

FTM 791-2107

JIS K2537




  • Refineries
  • Independent Laboratories
  • Aircraft Engine Manufacturers
  • Jet Fuel Testing
  • Pipeline and Terminals



Quick, easy, and objective rating

The SP20 is an automated instrument that strictly follows the test method with an improved precision. It eliminates the subjectivity inherent to the manual test where the visual rating of the flame varies from one operator to another. Thanks to its digital imaging technology, the shape of the flame described in the test method is automatically repeatedly determined and corresponding flame height is precisely recorded in the same conditions.


Increases safety

The SP20 totally eliminates all safety risks linked to the visual observation of an open flame.


Reduces labor, minimum 30 minutes saved per test

The SP20 is a "Set it and Forget it" instrument. Once the candle is prepared and positioned on the conveyor, the operator keys in all test details and starts the test. Then all the test phases are automatic. The operator time is reduced to its minimum. With its embedded temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, an atmospheric conditions compensation (patent pending) can be applied, then only one single set of calibration is needed.


Mimics strictly the manual method with iImproved precision

The SP20 is an automated instrument. It is using exactly the same lamp and candle as the manual method. The precision is significantly improved because the CCD camera with its associated software always determine the perfect flame shape corresponding to the method description. All errors linked to the operator subjectivity are eliminated.



Quality Procedure features

The SP20 includes a built-in result data base. All details related to each test result are memorized. In addition, all informations related to the instrument calibration is memorized to ensure a perfect traceability..



The smoke point test with the SP20 is very easy:

(1)   the operator prepares the candle according to the test method instructions.

(2)   the candle is positioned on the SP20.

(3)   the operator keys in all sample details and initiate the test.

Then the all procedure is automated. The candle is automatically lit, the five minutes stabilization time is followed by the three determinations of the flame height. At the end of test, the SP20 instrument calculates the mean value of the three flame heights measured and reports the result.



The result is reported in 0.1 mm


The results is saved in a built-in data base and can be displayed, printed, memorized on a USB disk or key or send to a LIMS via the LAN connection.


The final report includes:


  • Smoke point result
  • Sample type
  • Sample ID
  • Date & time
  • Temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity
  • Operator name
  • Test method
  • Calibration informationInstrument serial number
  • Software version



SP20 Brochure


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