OmniTek BV was founded in 1979 by Willem Wagelaar as glass instrument maker: Wagelaar Glasinstrumenten. With many years of experience in the industry and the university sector, refined and specialized glassware was produced for laboratories and research and development in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany in particular. In the eighties the company grew in size and gained more and more a reputation as a problem solver. Our close contact with our customers, and the knowledge of the many applications, enabled us to offer customized solutions for problems.



With our constant interest in automation and advanced measurement techniques, we have always succeeded in providing our customers with the best fitting technology. During the nineties, our knowledge of analysis techniques went hand in hand. Ultimately this led to the development and production of advanced, fully automated measuring equipment. By focusing on specific niche markets, such as plastics and petrochemicals, this branch of the company grew into an increasingly important part of the activities. 


In the meantime, the necessary changes have taken place in our traditional market, the manufacture of glass instruments. The same automation that we had always had of paramount importance penetrated the laboratory at an unprecedented speed and thus largely obscured the need for glassware. In addition, it turned out to be impossible to attract productive forces that had the right mentality and skills to function at the quality level where we were active. As a result, we decided at the beginning of 2000 to completely stop our glass production and concentrate solely on the development and manufacture of automated measuring equipment. Only a small-scale production of the popular modular vacuum program "Eurovac" was maintained, but that eventually disappeared in 2002. 


Due to these drastic changes in activity, and due to the fact that we became increasingly active internationally, the company was renamed OmniTek.


Present & Future

In the past 10 years, our activities have focused more and more on the analysis of oil and lubricants. With our strength product line of S-flow viscometry systems we have penetrated worldwide in many laboratories. 


At the beginning of 2010 our range was expanded considerably with the representation of the renowned American company, Spectro Inc. This company has been a leader in the field of used oil analysis and condition monitoring for years, enabling us to offer a complete toolbox to our customers. 


OmniTek always works from the customer's interest. We will therefore continue to develop our own equipment based on customer needs at a price that is affordable for them. Look therefore regularly on our site for new developments!