NewLab 800


ASTM D1478, ASTM D4693, ASTM D4950


CE marked



ASTM D1478 - Low-temperature Torque of Ball Bearing Grease.

This test method covers the determination of the extent to which a grease retards the rotation of a slow-speed ball bearing by measuring starting and running torques at low temperatures, below -20°C (0°F).


ASTM D4693 - Low-temperature Torque of Grease Lubricated Wheel Bearings.

This test method determines the extent to which a test grease retards the rotation of a specially-manufactured, spring-loaded, automotive-type wheel bearing assembly when subjected to low temperatures. Torque values, calculated from restraining-force determinations, are a measure of the viscous resistance of the grease. This test method was developed with greases giving torques of less than 35 N·m at 40°C.


ASTM D4950 - Classification and Specification of Automotive Service Greases.

This specification covers lubricating greases suitable for the periodic relubrication of chassis systems and wheel bearings of passenger cars, trucks, and other vehicles.


  • Steel structure painted with epoxy material

  • Test cabin able to grant a working temperature of –75 °C

  • Geared motor and Ball-cage rotating at 1 rpm

  • Inspection door made in stainless steel with high insulation material

  • Internal double cabin made in stainless steel with high diffusion and homogeneity cooling system

  • Double stage refrigerating unit without CFC gases located in the bottom part of the structure

  • Digital dynamometer

  • Set for analysis available in accessories list

  • Managed by a touch screen panel pc using LabLink operating software running on Windows basis with following characteristic:

  • TFT/LCD 12”

  • 40 Gb HD

  • 1024 × 768 resolution and 16 M colors

  • 2 × USB ports

  • Able to store more than 60'000 analysis

  • Power cable and user manual

  • Power supply available 220 Vac 50/60 Hz or 115 Vac 50/60 Hz to be specified in case of PO



Newlab 800

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LAB-214500/4693: mechanical mounting kit for performing analyzes according to ASTM D4693 standard including bearings for running tests
LAB-214500/1478: mechanical mounting kit for performing analyzes according to ASTM D1478 standard including bearings for running tests

LAB-102-140/1478: ball bearing ASTM D1478
LAB-102-140/4693: ASTM D4693 tapered bearings, pack of 2 pieces

Spare Parts
LAB-140-001: PT100 stainless steel
LAB-102-145: torque sensor
LAB-102-146: toothed belt
LAB-102-147: heating elements, pack of 2 pieces
LAB-102-144: torque wire

width 70 cm
depth 65 cm
height 150 cm

240 kg