NewLab 226 Low Temperature Flow Test


ASTM D4539


CE marked



This test method covers estimating the filterability of diesel fuels in some automotive equipment at low temperatures. The Low Temperature Flow Test results are indicative of the low temperature flow performance of the test fuel in some diesel vehicles. The test method is especially useful for the evaluation of fuels containing flow improver additives in a range of +10°C … -30°C.


Measuring LTFT principle

Up to 6 300 ml test vessels are cooled at a specified rate of 1°C/h and,at every °C of cooling, a vacuum of 20 kPa is applied to a filter assembly immersed in the first sample. If the sample recovered in a graduated receiver vessel reaches the 180 ml in 60 sec. the analysis continues to the further 1°C test temperature (passed). When the sample doesn’t reach the 180 ml within the 60 sec. the test is failed. The temperature of the last passing result test has to be recorded as minimum LTFT pass temperature.


The instrument is a six places floor model

Equipped with a built in cooling system with motor compressor CFC free for temperatures up to -45°C. Fully automatic, controlled by dedicated panel pc with touch screen and a large display. All the parameters and the current status of the analysis are shown in real time.


Measuring LTFT devices

Aspiration pipette

Filter assembly

Light barrier


Measuring temperature probe

Platinum resistance PT100 class A


Vacuum system

Micropump 350 kPa

Electronic control for vacuum regulation 20 kPa

Vacuum stabilizer


Measuring Parameters

Temperatures: in °C

Measuring range: +80°C…-80°C

Resolution: 0.06 °C

Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C

Repeatability / reproducibility as per standards methods or better


Software Features

User friendly interface

All analytical parameters recorded

Customisable analysis parameters and methods

Customizable results report

Printable graphs and results

The software includes:


Analysis Menu

Standard method as per ASTM D4539

Optional methods:

  • T-sample, T-bath (Delta T constant)
  • selectable cooling rate °C / h
  • selectable bath steps temperature
  • fast bath with selectable temperature


Audible alarm and displayed messages at the end of the analysis and in case of errors and/or malfunctions


The parameters displayed and updated in real time are:

  • sample temperature
  • bath temperature
  • vacuum pressure
  • level light value
  • aspiration time


Thanks to an istogram (graph) that shows the aspiration times it is possible to observe the behaviour of the sample during its cooling phase


This feature is an excellent tools for the observation and evaluation of the additivations actions and behaviour


Diagnostic Menu

  • Direct access to all analog, digital, inputs and outputs

  • Selectable value displaying: °C / °F / Volt

  • Vacuum data displayed in mBars


Calibration Menu

  • Automatic calibration of each temperature probe

  • Automatic calibration of vacuum sensor

  • Last calibration date referred to each single probe displayed and relative data printable

  • Display of calibration diagram

  • Insertion of offset values

  • Standard and advanced calibration modes


Data Utilities

  • Fields for introduction of operator and product name
  • Archive viewer for files recall
  • All analysis stored in Excel® compatible format
  • Storage capacity for more than 60’000 analysis
  • LIMS compatible


Integrated Touch Screen Panel PC


Resolution 1024 × 768, 16.2 M colours

2 USB ports for connection to an external printer and/or external PC

Storage capacity for more than 60'000 analysis


Cooling System

Integrated gas CFC free motor compressors single stage (for temperatures up to -45°C)


Safety Devices

Pressure controller for 1st stage motor compressor

Thermo-switch for cooling / heating jacket

Motor compressors with internal overload devices


Electrical Supply

220V ± 15% / 50 to 60 Hz

115V ± 15% / 60 Hz


Cord Cable

3 conductors flexible cable 2 m (7 feet) length with PVC sheath oil and heat resistant as per CENELEC directives


Ambient Temperature

max 32 °C

H.R. 80%


Dimensions (cm)

widht 98

depht 60

height 130



80 kg


Spare Parts

 LAB-220/005-03: heather + auto adhesive + insulation

LAB-220/005-04: thermo switch

LAB-220/005-06: PT100 bath

LAB-220/008-12: PT100 sample

LAB-220/007-02: static relay

LAB-220/007-04: PCB fuse 1 AT (box of 10 pcs)

LAB-220/006-01: cooling fluid valve + fitting

LAB-220/002-02: vacuum valve + fitting

LAB-220/007-01: main electronic board LTFT

LAB-220/008-04: 300 ml glass specimen vessel

LAB-220/008-05: 400 ml glass receiver vessel

LAB-220/009-07: rubber stopper for receiver

LAB-220/009-08: lid for specimen vessel

LAB-220/008-13: glass aspiration tubing "s"

LAB-220/008-14: glass receiver tubing "l"

LAB-220/008-15: glass vacuum tubing "xs"

LAB-220/008-18: joints vinyl tubes (pack of 12 pcs.)

LAB-220/013-01: filter assembly

LAB-220/013-02: filter

LAB-220/013-021: o-ring for filter


Calibration Tools

OilLab 80: calibration decade box PT100 simulator

OilLab 81: set of connectors and cables for cold range



NewLab 226

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