NewLab 225 Automatic Filter Plugging Tendency


ASTM D 2068, ASTM D 6426, IP 387


CE marked



Determination of Filter Plugging Tendency (FPT) of distillate fuel oils where the end use demands an exceptional degree of cleanliness. This test method is applicable to fuels within the viscosity range of 1.50 to 6.00 mm²/s (cSt) at 40°C. Test range 1.0-30 (FBT/FPT).Filterability of middle distillate fuel oils within the viscosity range from 1.70 to 6.20 mm²/s (cSt) at 40°C. Test range100-1(F-QF).


Main Features

Bench top analyser

Integrated cooling system equipped with Peltier module

Working temperature up to 0°C

Measuring device complete with support for filter, Beakers, PT100 sensor Class A, level sensor, pressure gauge, tubes and joints

Micro Pump

Managed by a Touch Screen Panel PC by means of the Lab-Link software running in Windows ambient

Bath made in aluminium


Measuring Principle

A sample of the fuel to be tested is passed at a constant rate of flow (20 mL/min) through a glass fiber filter medium.The pressure drop across the filter is monitored during the passage of a fixed volume of test fuel.If a prescribed maximum pressure drop is reached before the total volume of fuel is filtered, the actual volume of fuel filtered at the time of maximum pressure drop is recorded and used to obtain the automatic calculation result.Otherwise if the prescribe volume is filtered without reach the 105kPa pressure, the maximal pressure during the test is recorded and used to obtain the result.


Measuring Devices

PT100 Sensors Class A

Level sensor 0 … 300 ml

Pressure sensor 0 to 210 KPa


Technical Features

Bath / Sample Temperatures: °C/°F (selectable)

Measuring range: -50°C…+80°C

Bath temperature: -10°C … +40°C

Pump flow rate: 20 ml/min


Integrated Touch Screen Panel PC 

TFT/LCD 12.1”

Resolution 1024 × 768, 16.2 M colours

2 USB ports for connection to an external printer and/or external PC

Storage capacity for more than 60’000 analysis



Automatic calculation of FBT/FTP and / or F-QF

User friendly interface

Real time display of all the analytical parameters

Storage of all the analysis

Storage of the results in Excel® format

Display of the graphic

Printable results



Automatic calibration of each temperature probe by means of the calibration decade box

Storage of the data referred to the calibration

Last calibration date referred to each single probe displayed



Access to all analogue and digital signals (inlet and outlet) in order to verify their functioning



LAB-225/013-02: kit for ASTM D2068 method B, composed by filter support, filter 1.6 um, filter taper housing, joint for connection, kit for 150 test

LAB-225/013-03: kit for ASTM D2068 method C, composed by filter support, filter 5 um, filter Luer housing, joint for connection, kit for 150 test


Spare Parts 

LAB-225/005-06: PT 100 bath

LAB-225/008-12: PT100 product with connector for FBT

LAB-225/008-04: FBT glass cell (sample reservoir)

LAB-225/008-05: glass cell lid

LAB-225/008-13: FBT glass receiver (receiver beaker)

LAB-225/008-06: level sensor

LAB-225/013-01: luer lock filter support



1820-8013: glass fibre filters, ∅ 13 mm, pack of 100 pieces for ASTM D2068 method A


Dimensions (cm)

width 48

depth 30

height 52



27 kg



NewLab 225


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