NewLab 200 Cold Filter Plugging Point


ASTM D6371, IP 309, IP 419, EN 116, EN 16329


CE marked



Cold Filter Plugging Point of diesel, biodiesel and heating fuels.


Measuring CFPP Principle

The sample is cooled down according to the methods and when the preselected temperature is reached a vacuum of 20 mBar is automatically applied to the sample. The product is sucked through the filter into the calibrated aspiration pipette. If the sample takes more than 60 seconds to reach the upper barrier detector (during the aspiration phase), or it fails to return completely into the test jar before that the product has cooled by a further 1°C, the Cold Filter Plugging Point is reached.


Measuring CFPP Devices

Aspiration pipette

Filter assembly

Light barrier


Measuring Temperature Probe

Platinum resistance PT100 class A



OilLab 250 – external vacuum generator including:


Vacuum pump

Two glass bottles

A glass cork with: u-tube, funnel, manual flow regulating valve

OilLab 255 – internal vacuum generator including: 

1 x micro-pump of 350 mBar

1 x electronic pressure / vacuum regulator composed by: proportional valve, pressure / vacuum control sensor, regulator for reference vacuum generation at 20 mBar, vacuum stabilizer


Measuring Parameters

Temperatures: in °C

Measuring range: +80°C … -80°C

Resolution: 0.06 °C

Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C

Repeatability / Reproducibility: as per standards methods or better


Software Features

New LabLink software able to manage up to 6 analytical heads simultaneously (stand alone)

User friendly interface

All analytical parameters recorded

Customizable analysis parameters and methods

Customizable results report

Printable graphs and results

Self-identification of the typology of the analysers connected


The software includes:

Analysis Menu 

Standard method as per ASTM / IP / ISO / EN / DIN… norms of reference

Optional methods: 

T-sample – T-bath (Delta T constant)

cooling rate °C / h

selectable bath steps

fast bath with selectable temperature

Audible alarm and displayed messages at the end of the analysis and in case of errors and/or malfunctions

The parameters displayed and updated in real time are:

sample temperature

bath temperature

vacuum pressure

low level light value

up level light value

aspiration time

release time

intertime test

Thanks to an istogram (graph) that shows the aspiration and release times it is possible to observe the behaviour of the sample during its cooling phase

This feature is an excellent tools for the observation and evaluation of the additivations actions and behaviour


Diagnostic Menu

Direct access to all analog, digital, inputs and outputs

Selectable value displaying: °C / Volt

Vacuum data displayed in mBars


Calibration Menu

Automatic calibration of each temperature probe

Automatic calibration of vacuum sensor

Last calibration date referred to each single probe displayed and relative data printable

Display of calibration diagram

Insertion of offset values

Standard and advanced calibration modes


Data Utilities

Fields for introduction of operator and product name

Archive viewer for files recall

All analysis stored in Excel® compatible format

Storage capacity for more than 60’000 analysis

LIMS compatible


Integrated Touch Screen Panel PC 


Resolution 1024 × 768, 16.2 M colours

2 USB ports for connection to an external printer and/or external PC

Storage capacity for more than 60'000 analysis


Cleaning pipette procedure

By using a suitable cleaning liquid and pressing the relevant function button the analyser performs a cleaning sequence of 10 aspirations cyclesEasy removing of aspiration pipette and filter assembly allows cleaning according to the methods


Test Jar

Same dimensions and volume as described by the standard test methods

Product level mark

Small edge on the top in order to fix the glass cell to the analytical head


Cooling System

Integrated gas CFC free motor compressors:

Single stage (for temperatures up to -40°C / 1)

Double stage (for temperatures up to -80°C / 2)

Equipped with an automatic energy power save system. After 15 minutes from the end of the analysis the cooling system goes in stand-by mode.


Safety Devices

Pressure controller for 1st stage motor compressor

Pressure controller for 2nd stage motor compressor

Thermostat for 2nd stage activation

Thermo-switch for each cooling / heating jacket

Motor compressors equipped with internal overload devices


Electrical Supply

220V ± 15% / 50 to 60 Hz

115V ± 15% / 60 Hz


Cord Cable

3 conductors flexible cable 2 m (7 feet) length with PVC sheath oil and heat resistant as per CENELEC directives


Ambient Temperature

Max 32 °C

H.R. 80%



NewLab 200


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