Our partners at Spectro Scientific have written an article, "Particle Counters For Oil Analysis:  Design And Specifications",  that illustrates the design and use of particle counters for in-service oil analysis. The article offers a comparison between the key operating parameters of light blockage particle counters and the lasernetfines LNF Q210 direct imaging particle counter​

Reading this article will allow you to see the benefits and features of the LNF Q200 series and also see how it can determine wear classification to make your work and research more efficient and effective.​

The Right Particle Counter for You​

Recently, you would’ve received information on the LNF (LaserNetFines) Q200 series, a particle counter that is specifically designed for lubrication oils. The LNF calculates free water in ppm, and differentiates contaminants (silica) from machine wear (metal). In addition, this piece of equipment provides particle counts and codes, abnormal wear classification and ferrous wear measurements.​