High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR)


ASTM D 6079-97, EN 590, IP 450 / 2000, BS – ISO 12156 – 1, JPI – 58 – 50 -98, CEC F 06 A96


The purpose of this tester is to characterize friction under lubricated condition using a ball on disc configuration. This tester is particularly suited for evaluating low lubricity fluids like diesel and gasoline.


The system consists of a temperature controlled stage that houses the test plate. A reciprocating arm with a ball holder to hold the test ball is pressed against the test plate with a known force. The system reciprocates maintaining the required stroke length, frequency, load, temperature and humidity.


A piezoelectric force transducer senses the frictional force. The unit is computer controlled and uses the WinDucom Data Acquisition System to record the output parameters.



  • Compact bench-top design.

  • Includes environment chamber and humidity probe.

  • Includes ambient temperature and relative humidity probe.

  • Especially suited for wear tests of diesel fuels, additives and lubricants.

  • Pre-programmed CEC, ASTM and ISO test procedures for automated operation.

  • Computer controlled operation with software license included.

  • Includes CompariView module for comparative viewing of test results.



  • Humidity Controller

  • Electrical Contact Resistance (ECR) Module

  • Tribo-Corrosion Cell

  • High Temperature Module (Ambient to 400 Deg C)


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Technical Specifications

Parameter               Specifications

Frequency               1 to 50 Hz

Stroke                       1 mm (fixed)

Load                         up to 1.0 kg

Temperature          Ambient to 150 Deg C. Optional "High Temperature Module" for ambient to 400 Deg C

Upper specimen    6 mm (dia) - ball

Lower specimen    10 mm (diameter) X 3 mm (thick) - disc