EVS Viscometer Bath​

EVS Viscometer Bath


New Viscometer Bath from PSL Rheotek developed for product specification testing, the high precision and stability of the bath makes it the ideal base for kinematic viscosity testing in full compliance with ASTM, IP, ISO & DIN methods.



  • Temperature stability ± 0.005°C 
  • Multi-Voltage - Low Energy Consumption
  • 3 Viscometer Positions
  • Built in backlight
  • Simple 5-button control
  • Integrated chiller option


Product Description

PSL Rheotek EVS Viscometer bath. High precision viscometer bath +/- 0.005 degrees Cm exceeding ASTM requirements. Includes integrated back light, OLED temperature display, three viscometer positions, two thermometer positions and bath drain. Low power consumption. Multi voltage.


  • The EVS Viscometer Bath, can be used with manual viscometers, as well as automated viscometers.
  • The bath is designed with a flat top lid, to accommodate a Viscometer Control Module.
  • The integrated soldi state chiller has a reservoir with filling cap situated in the top of the bath.


A five-button control pad on the EVS provides single step access to menus. The user interface includes selection of set-point, reference temperature (offset), units (ºC, ºF) and the chiller set-point. A bright OLED Screen clearly displays the temperature and the status of the instrument.


EVS Viscometer Bath Specifications

Bath filling volume: 20L

Coolant filling volume: 150mL

Temperature range (with cooling): 20 to 40°C**maximum 60 deg. C for built in water cleaning cycle

Temperature range (without cooling): Up to 100°C

Number of Viscometer Positions: 5 in 2 rows

Heating power: 450W

Cooling power: 150W

Power requirements: 100 to 240V AC

Dimensions: 400mm(w) x 536mm(d) x 450mm(h)



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EVS Viscometer Bath

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