Correlation to

ASTM D7678, ASTM D3921, ASTM D7066, DIN 38409-H18, ISO 9377-2 (MOD) OSPAR, IP426, ISO 9377-2, ISO 16703, EN 14039, EPA 1664A, EPA 1664B, EPA 9071B, ASTM D4281



ERACHECK ECO combines all benefits from well-established IR measurement techniques of oil-in-water with the ecologically safe CFC-free solvent cyclohexane. The use of a cost-efficient measurement technology in combination with the low-cost solvent cyclohexane gives you the most economical oil-in-water tester available today.


Ecology meets Economy

ERACHECK ECO combines all the benefits of the known IR measurement technique such as high precision, fast and easy measurement with the ecologically safe CFC-free solvent cyclohexane. The measurement procedure requires no evaporation steps and is fully automated. Consequently no contaminants are lost that normally would evaporate together with the solvent. Using the filter-based measurement method in combination with cyclohexane gives you the most economical oil-in-water measurement system available on today’s market. And still ERACHECK ECO offers a limit of detection of 0.5 mg/L and a total measurement range up to 1 000 mg/L


Comparison with ASTM D7678

Oil-in-water concentrations usually depend on the method used to measure them. Each method measures different things such as different fractions of the oil or they use different spectral regions. This is also true for the comparison between ERACHECK ECO and ASTM D7678. They share the same spectral region, however, due to the difference in the detection system they can’t give the exact same results.


Therfore, we added a compatibility mode to ERACHECK ECO which gives results perfectly correlating with ASTM D7678. The graph on the side shows this compatibility mode for various crude oils with different API gravities, fuels and lubricants.


Measurement Procedure


  1. Extract the water sample with cyclohexane: Typically 900ml water are extracted with 50ml cyclohexane

  2. Select the method you want to use: TPH or TOG

  3. Select the correct calibration

  4. Enter the name of the sample and the name of the operator

  5. Press the RUN button

  6. The instrument runs a background measurement of pure cyclohexane

  7. The instrument measures your extracted sample


ERACHECK ECO guides you through the measurement procedure. The liquid volumes have to be entered depending on the actual volumes used for the extraction of the sample.


Measurement procedure

Just four easy steps are required for a safe low temperature flash point testing at maximum precision:


  • Enter sample ID and operator name

  • Select the measurement standard and add additional parameters (e.g. expected flash point)

  • Fill the sample cup with sample (1 mL or 2 mL), place the sample cup inside the measurement chamber, and close the door

  • Press the RUN button


The instrument now visualizes the measurement procedure on the screen showing the sample and oven temperature as well as pressure gauge displaying the pressure increase after ignition. After the measurement the flash point temperature is corrected for the atmospheric pressure and rounded to the next 0.5 °C. The result will be saved in the corresponding result file. To improve the measurement further, it is possible to use a cooling cup to prevent ice formation during the cool down process.


Characteristics of the low temperature flash point testing can be seen in the Combustion Graphics™. This makes ERAFLASH LT the ideal solution for R&D as well as quality control.



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