AQUA 40.00 BASIC - Water content of liquid samples and gases 

The AQUA 40.00 Basic Module determines the water content of liquid samples and gases quickly and precisely. The instrument is based on coulometric Karl Fischer titration and requires little space in the laboratory due to its compact design.


The sample is simply dispensed through a septum directly into the measuring cell.The cell is optimally designed and exhibits extremely low background drift. The titrator is thus particularly suitable for water determination in the trace range.


The titration speed is automatically adjusted to the actual amount of water to be titrated because of continuously controlled electrolysis current. This results in very short analysis times.


All common Karl Fischer reagents can be used for the titrator. In many applications, a conventional diaphragm is not required in the generator electrode. Thus, only one coulometric reagent is required.



Universal reagent exchange module for all Karl Fischer titrators (regardless of manufacturer).


The AQUA 40.00 Basic Module can be expanded to the AQUA 40.00 Vario. This allows the water determination in all sample types by using headspace technology.


If high heating temperatures (up to 1300 °C) are required, the AQUA 40.00 Basic Module can be combined with the high temperature oven HT 1300.




The AQUA 40.00 Basic Module is suitable for samples that can be dosed directly into the titration cell, e. g.

  • Solvents
  • Oils and fats
  • Fuels, biodiesel
  • Hydraulic and brake fluids
  • Gases



  • No sample preparation
  • Dosing by syringe directly into the titration cell
  • Very short analysis times
  • Suitable for all common Karl Fischer reagents
  • Basic Module with low space requirement
  • Additional modules available for different sample types



  • Fast and reproducible analyses
  • Continuously controlled electrolysis current
  • Extremely low background drift
  • Simple, clear software
  • User-friendly handling
  • Status display through large colouring

Aqua 40.00 Basic

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