Elemental Combustion Analyzer for Total Sulfur by UV-Fluorescence


The XPLORER-S is the smallest Total Sulfur analyzer available in the market. This advanced elemental combustion analyzer offers fast, accurate and precise analysis of liquid, LPG, gas and solid samples. It is designed to offer standardized and customized solutions to match both current and future analytical needs, ranging from low ppb’s to high ppm’s. UV-Fluorescence detection through high temperature sample combustion is the reference method for determination of Total Sulfur. Trace Elemental Instruments Software (TEIS) ensures intuitive and smooth control of your analysis.


Common Applications:

  • Chemicals (e.g. Plastics, Aromatics, Olefins and Parafines)
  • Refinery Products (e.g. Crude Oil, Naphta, Lubricants, Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Fuel Oil)
  • LPG and Gases (e.g. Pentane, Butane, Propane, Propylene)



Sulfur dioxide is a chemical compound that is created in various industrial processes. Petroleum often contains sulphur compounds, and their combustion causes sulfur dioxide (SO2). Further oxidation of SO2, generally accompanied by a catalyst such as NO2, forms H2SO4; acid rain. This is one of the reasons that fuels are monitored regarding their environmental impact. For example: In Europe, the maximum allowed amount of sulfur in diesel has been set at 10 ppm.


Sulfur plays a negative role during the production processes of refineries:


  • Resulting in plant corrosion and atmospheric pollution if the residual level is too high.
  • Because of its presence in various products and the risks of catalyst poisoning.
  • Reducing the sulfur content is vital for the protection of platinum based catalysts in naphtha reforming operations.


Residual fuels or combinations of residual and distillate fuels are used by ships, commercial and industrial companies for heat, power and processing. The critical specifications for residual fuels are viscosity and low sulfur content in order to protect the environment. As a result, the refineries need to monitor and control the total amount of sulfur in the feedstock during production processes.




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