Vacuum Distillation​

ASTM D1160

Distillation of Petroleum Products at Reduced Pressure

This test method covers the determination, at reduced pressures, of the range of boiling points for petroleum products that can be partially or completely vaporized at a maximum liquid temperature of 400°C.


Art. LT/VD-107000/M

Distillation of Petroleum Products at Reduced Pressure Apparatus (Vacuum Distillation) ASTM D1160


  • Support panel and base

  • 500 ml quartz distilling flask with thermowell

  • Heating mantle (bottom and top)

  • Vacuum jacketed, strip silvered column with condensers and spherical joints

  • Thermocouples with relevant adapters

  • 200 ml water jacketed receiver

  • Vacuum adapter

  • Two Dewar-type cold traps with receivers, stopcock drain and adapters

  • Clamps for glassware assembling

  • Control unit equipped with:

  • 2 × digital display for temperatures reading

  • 1 × electronic regulator for heating mantle

  • 1 × digital display for vacuum reading

  • 1 × vacuum regulator



LAB-100-005: h. r. gloves

LAB-101-073: silver chain


Spare Parts

LAB-101-074: flask 500 ml

LAB-101-075: distillation column

LAB-101-077: receiver

LAB-101-078: cold trap

LAB-101-079: clamp set

LAB-101-080: vacuum grease

LAB-101-081: stopper

LAB-101-082: glass joint

LAB-101-083: tubes set

LAB-140-001: PT100 probe

LAB-160-001: digital thermoregulator

Optional Accessories

LT/CB-40800-M/30: cryostatic bath -30°C


CE marked

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Vacuum Distillation

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Vacuum Distillation