VDIST Classic​

VDIST Classic

Half-automated D 1160 Instrument



ASTM D1160

ISO 6616

DIN 51567



Standard Test Method for Distillation of Petroleum Products at Reduced Pressure



  • Test Temperature Range: Ambient to 400°C
  • Computerized regulation of temperature and pressure (1 to 50 mmHg)
  • Sample identification
  • Data is recorded and printed: temperature, Volume, pressure, AET,
  • flowrate
  • The operator only follows the volume in receiver and adjusts the heating power
  • Operator protection by panels
  • Nitrogen degassing at end of test or by watchdog button in case of fire
  • Half-automated D1160 instrument is delivered complete
  • Built on a dedicated frame including : water circulator, vacuum pump, printing dump of distillation report according to standard.



  • REF 41604 Set of glassware including :
  • REF 41609 Gas tubing diam. 2/4 mm (1 m)
  • REF 41611 200 ml cylinder for vacuum distillation
  • REF 41612 Distillation column and condenser
  • REF 41613 Dual cold trap
  • REF 11092 Clip for spherical grinding
  • REF 21694 Heating controller
  • REF 41606 Heating block and mantle (1000 W)
  • REF 9411304 Vacuum/temperature adapter (top of column)
  • REF 9411301 Distillation column "O" ring
  • REF 9411311 Seal gasket for Pt 100
  • REF 9411306 Set of vacuum pipes
  • REF 19011 Light recovery cylinder (12 ml)
  • REF 9417906 Pt 100 probe GDR (170 x 2 mm)
  • REF 11495 ASTM thermometer (8 C), range from -2 to + 400°C



  • REF 941597 Dry ice machine
  • REF 23478 Quartz flask with THERMOWELL (500 ml)
  • REF 9411305 Distillation column for Quartz flask



  • REF 9411280  VDIST CLASSIC For use on AC 230 V, 50 Hz, 16 A
  • REF 9411280/ 115V on request
  • (W) 1000x (D) 600x (H) 800 mm (±105 kg)

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VDIST Classic

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VDIST Classic