VD10 Video Distillation​


The Video Distillation VD10 revolutionises distillation testing by bringing  automation and precision to the analysis of atmospheric distillation of petroleum products, liquid fuels, biofuels and solvents.




ASTM D1078
ISO 3405

ISO 918
IP 123

GOST 2177
JIS K2254
GB/T 6536



Video camera assisted algorithm (patent pending) applies optimum flask heating to accordance with standard method conditions for IBP, 5% timings and distillation rate control.


Like an experienced operator of a manual distillation, the VD10 unit monitors the sample behavior (in the flask) in real time throughout the process utilising a powerful algorithm to anticipate and predict the optimal heater settings.


There is no need for additional programming or optimization, as perfect distillation is achieved from the first shot, even for unknown or difficult samples like biofuels.



Driven by advanced technology, the VD10 is perfectly suited for finished products  like Gasoline, Kerosene, Aviation Turbine Fuels, Diesel Fuels, Industrial Solvents in addition to process streams, blending components and biofuels containing ethanol and other research work.



The intelligent video system assists the operator by confirming the proper installation of flask, probe, and heater plate while the VD10's advanced control algorithm uses image analysis to perfectly control the distillation run.


The entire test procedure is fully automated. From the position of the flask, to sample heating, temperature regulation of the condenser and receiver, measurement of vapor temperature and volume, detection of IBP and FBP, control rate, barometric correction and the recording of all data.


Then, when testing is complete, the heater is automatically lowered and cooled quickly, with results displayed, saved, printed and/or sent to LIMS or output to a USB.



  • Gasoline
  • Refineries
  • Special fuel
  • Pipeline and terminals
  • Military fuel testing
  • Jet fuel testing



The most advanced distillation instrument on the market today, the VD10's  imaging system makes it a truly automatic distillation apparatus that will drastically reducing operator time with no additional programming required. 


The VD10's versatile data handling offers flexible reporting of user defined distillation points and specification control. High quality components, precise sensors and robust construction ensure reliability and repeatability with minimum maintenance required.


Designed to be user friendly, the interface incorporates features for traceability, quality assurance, diagnostics, communications and safety.



Built without compromise, the VD10 is equipped with all the necessary safety features including a built-in fire extinguishing system with automatic fire detection and external alarm. The systems permanently monitors for abnormal situations, preventing the operator or acting immediately if there is a risk for the operator or the equipment.



VD10 Brochure


VD10 Video Distilation

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  • Fully compliant with standard test methods
  • Highest level of accuracy
  • Unmatched automation 
  • No programming required
  • Intelligent automatic heater regulation 
  • Optimal initial heating to reach IBP
  • Perfect distillation rate
  • Appropriate final heating to FBP
  • User friendly touch screen interface
  • Enhanced traceability and reporting
  • Highest safety level