Tannas Basic Rotary Viscometer​

High Temperature, Low Shear Rate Rotational (Absolute) Viscometer



A low-shear (1-200 reciprocal seconds) rotational viscometer that measures true viscosity (dynamic) not a combined viscosity-density value (kinematic).  This is very important when distinguishing the viscous properties of synthetic and mineral oils or when comparing water-based and oil-based lubricants. For automotive applications the TBR has been found particularly useful in measuring the viscosity of sooted diesel engine oils.


The TBR maintains a constant shear rate from 1 to over 200 reciprocal seconds (sec-1), depending on speed setting and rotor size.  The instrument analyzes fluids with viscosities ranging from 1 to 35,000 cP with the current Rotor design.  For measuring higher viscosities, a different size Rotor may be required.  This can be investigated and manufactured on a project-by-project basis, and the instrument can be customized to fit your needs.  The desired operating temperatures would be required for such a project to commence.


When measuring oils with viscosities too high to manually (hand) inject into the TBR via the syringe, a Pump Controller is required.


Features & Benefits

  • Operating temperatures: Ambient to over 200°C (+/- 0.1°C)
  • Sample measurement time approximately 5 minutes, depending on sample type.
  • Incorporates the Chase-flush technique for sample injection.
  • Fifty (50) mL sample size recommended.
  • Excellent for measuring viscosities of 'used' and 'heavily sooted' oils.
  • AutoSampler Delivery System available.
  • Over-temperature Cut-out Fuse


CE Marked

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Tannas Basic Rotary Viscometer

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