TV12LT 230V-50Hz -42C to +20 C​

TV12LT 230V-50Hz -42C to +20 C

Tamson thermostatic visibility bath, low temperatures, conforms to ASTM D445 with a temperature range from -42 C to +20 C. Temperature stability is +/- 0.014K.


Bath Temperature Accuracy       



Bath Volume     

15 litre


Bath Height       

720 mm





Minimum Temperature



Maximum Temperature




Tamson viscometer and Tamson calibration baths are specially designed for tests that require ultra-precise temperature control, or processes that need to be followed visually, e.g. determination of kinematic viscosity (conforms to ASTM D445, IP71-1), thermometer and sensor calibration, density and reaction rate measurement, etc. The bath is fitted with a double window of which the front pane is detachable for cleaning purposes. The window is heated preventing built up of condensate.


TV12LT is specially designed for kinematic viscosity testing of aviation fuels. Please see the table with “suggested set-up for measuring the kinematic viscosity of aviation fuels" on the specification sheet. The stainless steel construction ensures exceptionally stable temperatures which is further improved by an ingenious stirring mechanism with baffle plates. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel and brass, providing resistance against all usual bath fluids. Cover of the bath has four round 51 mm holes with lids, for suspending glass capillary viscometers in holders. The bath is fitted with adjustable feet for leveling. Different top lids can be used. Standard four round 51 mm holes with lids are supplied for suspending glass capillary viscometers in holders.


The use of thermo insulated windows and window heating ensures clean sight. A permanent LED light is located in the top plate to supply clear light and guarantee optimal visibility inside the bath. A bath overflow outlet protects against expanding bath fluid or when the bath filling is too high. A vane type stirrer with maintenance free bearings moves the bath fluid past a special heater ensuring optimal control temperature and excellent uniformity. A baffle plate directs the fluid resulting in excellent temperature control and homogeneity.


Dependable from ordering code the span lies varies -50°C/-58°F up to + 80°C/176°F.

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TV12LT 230V-50Hz -42C to +20 C

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