TLC80-14 230V-60Hz​

TLC80-14 230V-60Hz

Tamson Low Temperature Circulator TLC80-14 with a temperature range from -80°C up to 20°C. The bath volume is 14 litres and the bath opening measures 290 x 200 mm. Device offers external circulation.


Bath Temperature Accuracy       

0.05 K


Bath Volume     

14 litre


Bath Height       

770 mm





Minimum Temperature



Maximum Temperature




The TLC80-14 is a low temperature circulator with a bath content of 14..15 Litres. The minimum temperature which can be reached is minus 80°C. At this low temperature the heat removal capacity lies around 50 Watt. The bath can be used for general low temperature use but shows excellent heat removal performance in combination with cloud and pour point tests. The drain located at the back provides easy removal of the bath fluid. Low fluid level is detected electronically.


The used cooling system is ozone friendly, so it doesn’t contain any CFK/HCFK gas.


With the compressor running continuously, the fluid temperature is regulated through an electronic controlled heater.


The bath conforms to CE regulation. It also is equipped with a mechanical resettable safety thermostat.


The working temperature range is -80°C to ambient (-112°F .. ambient)

The set point can be set in steps of 0.1°C. The overall system accuracy is 0.05°C.


A pressure pump provides circulation in the bath or via an external circuit. The pressure of the pump is 300 mBar at 10 litres per minute.

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TLC80-14 230V-60Hz

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