Sulfur in Petroleum Oils Quartz-tube Method​

ASTM D1551 (obs.)

DIN 51768

IP 63


Sulfur In Petroleum Oils (Quartz-tube Method)

Determines the sulfur content within the range 0.1 to 5% by weight in petroleum oils which cannot be burned completely in a wick lamp.


Art. LT/QT-146000/M

Quartz Tube Sulfur Apparatus


  • Two-place instrument mounted on a plate painted with epoxy products
  • Electric stainless steel furnace with two independent places
  • Two digital thermoregulators with thermocouple
  • Two scrubbers
  • Trap equipped with two inlet cocks for air or oxygen and two outlet cocks for combustion tubes made in transparent quartz
  • Tubes provided with tapered connections at the inlet side and spherical connections at the delivery side
  • Set of primary and secondary absorbers on support
  • Vacuum collector with two regulating valves
  • Two flow-off valves
  • Two LPG Meker lamps
  • Flame filter mesh for combustion tubes
  • Included 20 porcelain boat



  • T/VP-8618/K: diaphragm vacuum pump
  • 100% oil-free transfer
  • pure transfer, evacuation and compression
  • compatible with vapours and condensation
  • chemically-resistant gases and vapours
  • maintenance-free
  • environmentally friendly
  • delivery 6 l/min
  • ultimate vacuum 100 mbar abs.
  • connectors for tube ID 4 mm
  • power supply: 230V - 50Hz / 115V - 60Hz
  • weight: kg 1.9
  • dimensions: 164 × 141 × 90 mm
  • LAB-101-466: flowmeter

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Sulfur in Petroleum Oils Quartz-tube Method

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Spare Parts

  • LAB-101-461: quartz tube combustion
  • LAB-101-462/A: primary absorber glassware
  • LAB-101-462/B: secondary absorber glassware
  • LAB-101-463: scrubber glass
  • LAB-101-464: porcelain boat
  • LAB-101-465: glass trap
  • LAB-160-014: digital thermoregulator
  • LAB-140-003: thermocouple K


CE marked