• Sub-Zero Kinematic Viscometer
  • Outstanding repeatability
  • Standard ASTM Ubbelohde Tube
  • Loading at ambient temperature
  • Eco-friendly low-energy design
  • Eco-friendly precision testing at -20 and -40 degrees C


Fully compliant with ASTM D445, the PSL Rheotek RUV-2 LT is a true alternative to manual measurement. By automating every step of the method, the RUV-2 offers unequalled performance on KV work at minus 20 degrees C and minus 40 degrees C.Determinability achieved is typically less then 0.03.



  • Integrated compressor cooling
  • Sample loading at ambient
  • Variable temperature bath
  • Auto Cleaning & Drying of sample path



  • JET A1 Specification testing in one hour for KV
  • No need for noisy and power hungry cryostat
  • Superb Performance


Measurement process:

Sample is loaded using a pipette to the white cylinder or filling station on top of the unit. The top half of the filling station is unscrewed, sample is loaded and the top is closed again. The viscometer bath is at room temperature at this stage.


Prior to push up of sample, the viscometer is purged with air to ensure that the capillary tube is dry. The sample is then pushed up and held in the timing bulb. The temperature of the bath is then lowered to measurement temperature, e. g. -20°C. The sample is released and drains back down again. Once equilibrium temperature has stabilized, the sample is raised again and then released for the first flow time measurement. A second flow time is performed.


On completion of this, the built in software checks the two consecutive flow times for determinability and the viscosity result is reported. The bath temperature is then raised by utilizing the hot gases in the compressor. The compressor is put into reverse. When the bath temperature is above the ambient dew point of the laboratory, the cleaning process commences.


The viscometer system is fitted with PSL Rheotek Safe Vac two solvent cleaning and drying. The first solvent removes the sample and the second solvent dries the sample path. For JET A1 the cleaning solvent should have a boiling point between 40 and 60°C. The drying solvent should be acetone.

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