RTFOT Classic​

RTFOT Classic


Effects of heat and air on a moving film of asphalt



ASTM D2872

ISO 12607



Standard Test Method for Effect of Heat and Air on a Moving Film of Asphalt (Rolling Thin-Film Oven Test)



  • Double walled convection oven with following inner dimensions: 381 mm high, 483 mm wide, 450mm deep, excluding plenum.
  • The door contains a viewing window made of two sheets of resistant glass separated by an air layer.
  • The oven is vented at top and bottom. Bottom vents have 15cm² open area symmetrical top vents have 9.5cm² open area.
  • This oven has an air plenum as described in ASTM D2872 specification. It is also provided with squirrel type fan for better uniformity.
  • The control board includes electronic temperature regulator with digital display and setting at 163°C +/- 0.5°C and a factory calibrated flowmeter for adjusting air flow at 4000 mL/min.
  • The oven has built in 305mm diameter vertical circular carriage to hold 8 glass sample containers rotating at 15+/- 0.2 rpm.
  • It is equipped with air jet for blowing heated air into each bottle at its lowest point of travel.
  • Outlet orifice having 1mm diameter is connected to 7.6 m length copper tubing to heat up air



RTFOT CLASSIC delivered ready for use with :

  • REF 9418762 Bulb, 230 V, 15 W
  • REF 23680 Standardised glass container
  • REF 11500 ASTM thermometer (13C)
  • REF 23680 8 glass containers
  • REF 11500 One ASTM 13C thermometer.



  • REF 941877  RTFOT CLASSIC for use on AC 230 V, 50Hz-16A
  • REF 941877 / 115 V  RTFOT CLASSIC for use on AC 115 V, 50Hz
  • (W) 750x (D) 650x (H) 820 mm (±50Kg)

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RTFOT Classic

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RTFOT Classic