QUANTUM™ Oxidation Tester​

Non-liquid RPVOT Oxidation Test


Test Methods

ASTM D2272, D2112   |   RPVOT: Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test

ASTM D4742   |   TFOUT: Thin Film Oxygen Uptake Test

ASTM D942   |   Grease Oxidation Stability Test

IP 229

Chinese SH/T0193



The Quantum™ Oxidation Tester is the only field proven non-liquid RPVOT (formerly known as RBOT) instrument in the industry used for evaluating oxidation resistance over a broad range of oils and lubricants. 


Widely used for base oil comparisons and as a condition monitoring tool for turbine oils.


Features & Benefits

  • Non-liquid ‘Dry-Cylinder’ sample heating — eliminates hot, hazardous, liquid bath mess and odor.
  • Software package monitors and records up to four (4) Quantum™ instruments at the same time or separately.
  • Rapid turn-around in test capabilities due to independent sample testing — estimated to double productivity with multi-unit setup.
  • Front-loading, easily accessible pressure chamber.
  • Small, bench-top footprint.
  • Simple venting of odors through tubing to scrubber or vent — does not require placement in hood.
  • Advanced research capabilities for other applications with the Sample Temperature Probe and Sample Extraction Device.


Reference Oils & Catalysts

QHR                 RPVOT Reference Oil for ASTM D2272 & ASTM D2112

QMR                RPVOT Reference Oil for ASTM D2272 & ASTM D2112

TFH-220         TFOUT Reference Oil for ASTM D4742

TFL-60            TFOUT Reference Oil for ASTM D4742

TFOUT IIID     Catalyst “A” for ASTM D4742

TFOUT IIIE     Catalyst “B” for ASTM D7098


For a complete listing of part numbers and available container sizes of Quantum™ Reference Oils & Catalysts, please review the Tannas Reference Oils & Catalysts Parts List.


Visit our Certified Reference Materials page to download SDS sheets or Oil Certificates.


Parts & Accessories

All applications:


200802: Automation Package for Quantum™ 

200916: Oxygen Regulator

200914: Certified Reference Oxygen Gauge

040045: VarClean© Cleaner

200920: Laptop Computer

300195: Desktop Comupter


ASTM D2272 & D2112 (RPVOT):

200853: RPVOT Sample Beaker

200651: Copper Catalyst Coils

200910: Magnetic Sample Cup w/ Spring Clip

200480: Magnetic Sample Cup Tester

200038: Sample Temperature Probe Assembly

200035: Sample Extraction Device Assembly



200104: TFOUT Conversion Package

200106: TFOUT Segmented Glass Dish

010047: TFOUT Catalyst A Package

010042: TFL-60 Reference Oil

010041: TFH-220 Reference Oil


ASTM D942 (Grease Oxidation):

200475: Grease Test Kit Assembly

200401: Grease Sample Dish

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QUANTUM™ Oxidation Tester

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