PSL Rheotek Polymer Sample Preparation​

PSL-Rheotek - Polymer  Sample Preparation


Weight to weight

Simply weighing 0.125 grammes of a polymer and adding solvent to the vial is not so simple. Working with very small portions of polymer sample requires excellent skills and constant attention to detail. Using the iSP-1 module from PSL-Rheotek takes the stress out of the process.


An innovative approach to the process involved in generating the polymer solution, provides the most user-friendly solution in the market place. The need for handling individual grains of polymer sample in order to achieve the target weight is removed, when using the iSP-1. The intelligent unit works by adjusting the quantity of solvent required in order to obtain the target concentration. The detailed precision work involved in generating the solution is moved from the hands of the operator to computer controlled fine mechanics.


How it works

The sample is added to the vial, which is located on the balance pan. Then the sample is weighed. The PSL Rheotek software will then calculate how much solvent is required for the solution to land on the target concentration. The next step is for the software to control the accurate dispensing of the solvent. This is dispensed from a syringe pump via a needle directly into the sample vial. At this point, the vial is still on the balance pan.


Night shift test work

Using the iSP-1, the laboratory achieves accurate concentrations every time. This technology ensures that samples are always accurately prepared in an operator independent fashion. Solution viscosity is therefore a realistic option for ongoing quality control, also during night shift hours in the process plant.


Polymer sample preparation PSL-Rheotek

ISP-1  Sample Preparation, supplied complete with precision balance, syringe Pump and voice promting software.

FAST – samples can be prepared in under 75 seconds.

Sample details are automatically transferred to the RPV-1.

Uses weight to weight data rather than weight to volume data to calculate concentration – avoids errors due to temperature/density.

Built-in safety checks.


Automatic ASH & MOISTURE corrections to concentration.

Uses AUDIO prompts to talk the operator through the essential preparation steps.

Pre-programmed methods make preparation simple and straightforward.


  • Simple & Safe to use
  • Improves accuracy
  • Saves operator time
  • Reduces exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • Standard model suitable for most polymer applications
  • Balance: 4 decimal place
  • Interface: RS232C
  • iSP-1 synge pump, 25ml
  • Interface: RS232C


Part No. iSP-1


FULLY AUTOMATED SAMPLE PREPARATION SYSTEM to make accurate polymer concentrations

  • W/W%
  • W/V%
  • Density
  • Ash %
  • Moisture %


Complete with…


[uses PC on RPV-1]


Test Methods

ASTM D789, ISO 307, ASTM D4603, ASTM 2857, ASTM D1795, SCAN CM15:99, TAPPI T230-OM94, ASTM D1243, USP<911> Viscosity, ISO1628


The software is updated regularly – taking into account new methods or customer specific requests. Therefore if your method is not mentioned in the above list then please contact us.



Simple & Safe to use

Improves accuracy

Saves operator time

Reduces exposure to hazardous chemicals

Ensures compliance with test methods



Simple Operation

Operator selects one of the pre-programmed methods, types in the sample ID & presses the “Prepare Solution” button. The iSP-1 then takes over and asks the operator for the vial. The iSP-1 uses a series of audio prompts to instruct the operator how to prepare the sample. Safety checks ensure that the vial is placed on the balance. ISP-1 then asks for the sample. The operator adds sample until the iSP-1 prompts them to stop adding sample. Finally the iSP-1 calculates the correct amount of solvent and dispenses it into the vial.



Various safety checks throughout the process ensure the operators safety and prevent solvent being dispensed incorrectly.


Automatic Calculations, Results Database & LIMS

Sample information is stored and can be sent automatically to the RPV-1 Polymer Viscometer if required.


Materials of construction & design

The iSP-1 is supplied with a high quality MT balance. The iSP-1 pump is supplied with a tough chemical resistant coating. The pump can be disassembled for easy maintenance.

Sample information is stored and can be sent automatically to the RPV-1 Polymer Viscometer if required.


Typical Applications

  • Pulp, Paper & Microcrystalline Cellulose, according to ASTM D1795 and SCAN CM15:98, TAPPI T230-OM94
  • Nylon according to ASTM D789 [HIGH CONCENTRATION]
  • Nylon according to ISO307[LOW CONCENTRATION]
  • PET according to ASTM D4603
  • PET in OCP [Orthochlorophenol]
  • PET in Phenol/Dichlorobenzene

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PSL Rheotek Polymer Sample Preparation

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