OilLab 611 Aniline Point


IP 2-A-B-E


CE marked



Aniline Point and Mixed Aniline Point of Petroleum Products and Hydrocarbon Solvents.


Method A is suitable for transparent samples with an initial boiling point above room temperature and where the aniline point is below the bubble point and above the solidification point of the aniline-sample mixture.


Method B, a thin-film method, is suitable for samples too dark for testing by Method A.


Main Features

  • Automatic unit.

  • Automatic movement of the head up and down.

  • Built in cooling system up to -15°C: not need external chiller, not need liquid medium.

  • High temperature up to 160°C.

  • Heating /cooling dry bath for more safety.

  • Removable glass cell for cleaning.

  • Not aniline is touched by the operator.

  • A small hole on the head support is used for the introduction of the aniline by syringe with luer lock (10 ml) when the glass cell with sample is already installed.

  • Wide 8" touch panel pc is installed with dedicated managing software Aniline programs as for standard heating and cooling profile and costums procedure available.

  • Temperature probe fiber optic and mirror are inside the sample and not outside the glassware.

  • Automatic stirrer made of brass, 3 coils.

  • Solid structure painted with epoxy products.

  • Double detection system able to detect dark and clear samples.

  • Gently motorized stirrer system.

  • Electric heather controlled by PID system.

  • On-board cooling system with liquid peltier exchanger.

  • Managed by a touch screen panel PC:

  • TFT/LCD 8”

  • 40 Gb HD

  • Resolution 1024 × 768 and 16 M colours

  • 2 × USB Ports for connecting pen drive and printer

  • The dedicated software manages:

  • The bath temperatures by means of a PT100 sensor class A that can be displayed in °C / °F, including the over temperature safety alarm

  • Dedicated software for real time monitoring and recording that includes:

  • Graph creation in real time during the test

  • Invalid test indication

  • Export of files in xls / pdf / jpg format

  • Calibration up to 100 points


Power supply

  • 220 Vac 50/60 Hz



  • 53 × 31 × 75 cm



  • 30 kg


Spare Parts

  • LAB-611-001: glass test cell

  • LAB-611-002: o-ring for test cell

  • LAB-611-003: PT100 sample temperature

  • LAB-611-004: fiber optic

  • LAB-611-005: detection mirror

  • LAB-611-006: stirrer made in brass

  • LAB-611-007: heaters, pack of 2 pcs.

  • LAB-611-008: PT100 bath

  • LAB-611-009: HT Peltier

  • LAB-611-010: insulation material for dry bath

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OilLab 611

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