OilLab 715 Reid Vapour Pressure‚Äč


ASTM D323, IP 69, ISO 3007


CE Marked


ASTM D323 - IP 69 - ISO 3007Vapour Pressure of Petroleum Products (Reid Method)

The test method covers the determination of vapour pressure of gasoline, volatile crude oil, by means of three procedures: A, B and C.The OilLab 715 grant the determination in conformity with the procedure B (horizontal bath) on petroleum products having Reid Vapour Pressures below 180 kPa (26 psi).


Main Features

  • Bath made in stainless steel suitable for the accommodation of up to two (2) vapour pressure cylinders according to ASTM specifications

  • Bath temperature range from ambient to +80°C ±0.1°, filling level 20 liters

  • Motorized stirrer with shaft , drain tap

  • Electric immersion Heather controlled by PID system

  • Drive system for swing gently the vessel in horizontal position

  • Secure handle cover for open bath

  • Bath equipped with a Touch screen panel PC

  • TFT/LCD 8”

  • 40 Gb HD

  • Resolution 1024 × 768 and 16M colours

  • 2 × USB Ports for connecting pen drive and printer

  • The dedicated software manages:

  • The bath temperatures by means of a PT100 sensor class A that can be displayed in °C / °F, including the over temperature safety alarm

  • 2 (two) electronic sensors, pressure transducers / electronic pressure gauges supplied for the coupling to the test vessels

  • Cables and connectors

  • Dedicated software for real time monitoring and recording that includes:

  • Display of the pressure in bar / psi / Kpa

  • Graph creation in real time during the test

  • Invalid test indication

  • Export of files in xls / pdf / jpg format

  • Calibration up to 100 points

  • Power supply: 220Vac 50/60Hz



  • LAB-100-371/50: silicone oil, can of 25 litres

  • T-AS18C: thermometer ASTM 18C

  • LAB-102-013: flexible Junction for O2

  • Reid Cylinder - Liquid Chamber - One Opening - ASTM D323:

  • made in stainless steel

  • in one end of the liquid chamber an opening of approximately ½” shall be provided for coupling with the vapour chamber

  • the inner surface of the coupling end shall be sloped to provide complete drainage when inverted

  • the other end of the chamber shall be completely closed

  • Reid Cylinder - Vapour Chamber - ASTM D323:

  • made in stainless steel

  • lower coupling

  • upper ½” groove with a ¼” reducing cap for pressure gauge



OilLab 715

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