OilLab 571 RPVOT

ASTM D2272

ASTM D2272 - Oxidation Stability of Steam Turbine Oils by Rotating Pressure Vessel (RBOT)


This test method utilizes an oxygen-pressured vessel to evaluate the oxidation stability of new and in-service Turbine oils having the same composition (base stock and additives) in the presence of water and a copper catalyst coil at 150°C.


His compact dimensions 35 × 38 × 41 cm and relative light weight only 25 Kg can assure an easy handling and find space above each table.


Automatic Monitoring system

  • Automatic Monitoring system included TFT 8” panel pc with an electronic board dedicated for reach the incredible performance for which this instrument is designed.

  • With a resolution of 1024 × 768 and 16 M colours for granting the maximum visibility of all parameters, equipped with 2 usb ports and RJ45 for Ethernet connection.

  • New generation end-user friendly software developed by our software technical engineers with a step-by-step procedure for perform analysis.

  • Internal database can be contain over than 60’000 analysis that can be printed out or exported with an Usb key that accompanied the main instrument.

  • The software can be switch temperature from °C in °F, calibration of the bath up to 100 points for grant the maximum precision.


Other features

  • Display pressure in bar/psi/Kpa

  • Real time graph creation

  • Export file in xls, jpg and pdf format

  • 5 pre-charged methods (12 / 24 / 48 / 96 and 192 hours)


Internal tank and mechanical parts

  • Internal stainless steel chamber with high-tech insulation

  • Magnetic rotation of internal cylinder with no-contact system

  • Automatic oxygen charge-discharge line

  • PT100 class A probe are used for control the temperature and prevent overheating



  • LAB-101-922/CU: copper wire catalyst 3 meters, pack of 5

  • LAB-101-441/P: silicon carbide paper 100 grit, pack of 100


Spare Part

  • LAB-101-974/571-A: glass container 175 ml pack of 3 pcs.

  • LAB-101-974/571-B: cover in PTFE for glass, pack of 5 pcs.

  • LAB-101-974/571-C: beaker centering made in PTFE, pack of 3 pcs.

  • LAB-101-974/571-D: spherical cone, pack of 5 pcs.

  • LAB-101-974/D: compensation spring made in stainless steel

  • LAB-101-974/571-E: o-ring for cell cover, pack of 5 pcs.


Optional Accessories

  • LT/WM-227200: electric winding mandrel for copper wire catalyst coiling, mounted on solid base whit possibility to fix to bench, 220 Vac 50/60 Hz

  • LAB-101-922/CU500: copper wire 500gr, 1.6 mm diameter / approx. 28 mt

  • ALINK: software network connection for remote control of OilLab 571; it permit the control and monitoring of up to 10 Oillab 571



OilLab 571

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OilLab 571

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