NSB Tech​

NSB Tech

Salt in crude oil content automatic analyzer



ASTM D3230

IP 265



This test method measures conductivity in the crude oil due to the presence of common chlorides, such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium by electrometric method.


NSB TECH calculates automatically salt in crude concentration directly from acquired temperature and conductivity values. It measures the conductivity of a solution of crude oil in a mixed alcohol solvent when subjected to an electrical stress. The automatic method allows sending voltages to the electrodes of 25V, 50V, 125V, 200V and 250V



  • Fully automatic model for safer measurements
  • Plug and play
  • Less than 30 sec for measurement
  • Digital auto ranging meter to read the voltage and current
  • Auto voltage adjustment between 0 and 250 VAC
  • Apparatus conforms to ASTM D 3230
  • Accuracy (+ / - 0.5%) for the calibration
  • Salt concentration values displayed automatically
  • Automatic table selection depending on sample temperature
  • Maintenance free
  • Results in PTB, g/m3, mg/kg



  • Refineries
  • Pipelines
  • Terminals
  • Laboratories
  • Inspection Companies
  • Oil platforms
  • Customs


QUICK ANALYSIS             

Fully automatic, the NSB TECH does the analysis process by itself. Thanks to pre-recorded tables, it determines the concentrations according to the temperature by an electrometric method.


  • Pre set calibration at 3 different temperatures
  • Direct display of salt concentration
  • Quick result
  • Automatic table selection according to sample temperature
  • Automatic adjustment of measuring range
  • Interchangeable plug-in sensor
  • User calibration modes allow verification against user standards



With a voltage up to 250 V, the user security is the main critical point. The test can be started only if the lid is on position with the beaker. The red light on the lid indicates the ongoing test.


  • High level of safety
  • Safety for unintended touching of electrodes
  • Over current safety
  • Hall effect sensor to cut the power with the lid opening
  • Alarm during measurements
  • Light indicator



NSB TECH is user-friendly with its digital screen and the quick access keypad. You can easily set the parameters. The integrated software allows you to :


  • Export data through an USB port
  • Transfer the select result on local printer
  • Configure up to 20 tables
  • Connect a Keyboard for an easy data entering



NSB TECH is delivered with :

  • 1 Cover with electrode (P/N 942801)
  • 3 Beakers with rings (P/N 942802)
  • Accessories and options according to your application must be ordered separately



  • Power supply : AC 100 to 240 V, 50 & 60 Hz - 2 A
  • Dimension :(W) 250 x (D) 370 x (H) 200 mm
  • Weight : 6 kg

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NSB Tech

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