Leakage Tendencies of Wheel Bearing Greases​

ASTM D1263


Leakage Tendencies of Automotive Wheel Bearing Greases

This test method covers the evaluation of the leakage tendencies of wheel bearing greases when tested under prescribed laboratory condition.


Art. LT/WB-205300/M

Wheel Bearing Grease Apparatus - ASTM D1263


  • Thermostatic stainless steel cabin equipped with thermic insulator

  • Rotating pivot with spindle

  • Electric heating with digital control of temperature

  • Motor with pulley and V-type belt controlling the hub rotation

  • The hub carries bearings with a pulley suitable for 660 rpm speed

  • Two taper roller bearings

  • Grease collection tank

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Leakage Tendencies of Wheel Bearing Greases

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LAB-100-005: h.r. gloves

LAB-102-054/A: torque wrench

T-AS7C: thermometer ASTM 7C


Spare Parts

LAB-102-055/A: outer bearing

LAB-102-055/B: inner bearing

LAB-110-003: heater

LAB-140-001: PT100 probe

LAB-160-001: digital thermoregulator

LAB-170-002: drive belt


CE marked