Lead, Acid and Salt Content​

ASTM D2547 (obs.)

IP 77 - IP 182 - IP 248

ISO 2083


ASTM D2547 (obs.) - IP 248 - ISO 2083 - Lead in Gasoline Volumetric-Chromate Method.

Covers the volumetric determination of the total lead content of gasoline and other volatile distilled blended with lead alkyls within the concentration range of 0.04 to 1.1 gr of lead/litre.


IP 77 - Determination of Salt Content by Extraction and Volumetric Titration.

This method is intended for the determination of total halide concentration of 0.002 to 0.02% wt, in crude petroleum, topped crude, residual cracking stock, and fuel oil. It may also be applied to the estimation of seawater contamination of used turbine oil and of marine diesel fuel.


IP 182 - Acidity (Inorganic) of Petroleum Products.

This method is intended to provide a measure of the inorganic (strong) acid content of used and unused lubricating oils, fuel oils, and petrolatums. Misleading results may be obtained with oils containing additives.


Art. LT/EA-244000/M

Extraction Apparatus - ASTM D2547


  • Light and resistant assembled structure painted with anti-epoxidic agent
  • Heat transparent protection in plastic material
  • Dual extractor apparatus for the determination of lead, acid and salt content
  • Two independent sets of glassware including adjustable clamp and springs for glassware
  • Controlled by two independent electronic regulators with relevant switch for work independently


Spare Parts

LAB-112-441: heater

LAB-102-442: boiling tank 500 ml

LAB-102-443: reflux condenser

LAB-102-444: graduated funnel

LAB-102-445: beaker 600 ml

LAB-150-110: electronic regulator


CE marked

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Lead, Acid and Salt Content

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