LPG Relative Purity​

ASTM D1837 - ASTM D2158

IP 317

ASTM D1837 - Volatility of Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gases


This test method is a measure of the relative purity of the various types of liquefied petroleum (LP) gases and helps to ensure suitable volatility performance. The test results, when properly related to vapour pressure and density of the product, can be used to indicate the presence of butane and heavier components in propane type LP-gas, and pentane and heavier components in propane-butane and butane type fuels. The presence of hydrocarbon compounds less volatile than those of which the LP-gas is primarily composed is indicated by an increase in the 95 % evaporated temperature.


ASTM D2158 - IP 317 - Residues in Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gases

This test method covers the determination of the extraneous materials weathering above 38°C that are present in liquefied petroleum gases.

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LPG Relative Purity

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Art. LT/WT-170000/M

Weathering Test, Mercury Freeze Method, ASTM D1837 - D2158


  • 18/8 stainless steel bath with double wall

  • Copper cooling coil with two ¼” valves


Accessories for ASTM D1837

T-AS99C: thermometer ASTM 99C armouredT-AS99F: thermometer ASTM 99F armouredLAB-101-225/TH: cork with hole for thermometer

  • LAB-101-232: cone-shaped tube 100 ml, 203 mm, graduated for ASTM D1837, pack of 4 pcs.LT/WB-520-250-A/M: water bath with integrated rack for cone-shaped tube,

  • 8 position, with relevant joints for the connection to the water line or an external cooling source for maintaining a temperature between 15°C and 21°C

  • LAB-101-713: syringe 1 ml capacity div. 0.1, needle L = 200 mm

  • LAB-0005-784: device for dry ice, using for produce pastils of around 50 gr

  • of dry ice

  • container for pastil with handle

  • tube for connection to the gas cylinder ¼ → ½

  • rubber connection

  • the apparatus is not supplied with gas for ice production

  • the apparatus must be connected to a cylinder with CO2 liquefied,

  • with internal siphon


Accessories for ASTM D2158-IP317

  • LAB-101-225: cone-shaped tube 100 ml, 203 mm, graduated to 0.05 ml,

  • pack of 4

  • LAB-101-713: syringe 1 ml capacity, div. 0.1, needle L = 200 mm

  • T-AS5C: thermometer ASTM 5C

  • T-AS6C: thermometer ASTM 6C

  • T-AS57C: thermometer ASTM 57C

  • LAB-101-714: filter paper medium degree, ∅ 125 mm, pack of 100

  • LT/WB-520-660-A/M: heating water bath 220 Vac with cooling serpentine

  • and joint for external cooling source connection

  • LAB-101-715: copper wire 1.5 mm, L = 300 mm

  • LAB-101-716: support with axle and clamp

  • LAB-101-225/W-4: rack for cone-shaped tube, 4 position


CE marked