Herschel Emulsifying​​

ASTM D1401, DIN 51599, ISO 6614


Water Separability of Petroleum Oils and Synthetic Fluids.

This test method covers measurement of the ability of petroleum oils or synthetic fluids to separate from water.


Art. LT/HE-185000-A/M

Semiautomatic Herschel Emulsifier


  • Bath housed in a Pyrex® tank Ø 200 mm

  • Stainless steel heater controlled by a digital thermoregulator PID with over-temperature alarm and probe PT100A

  • Motor stirrer for bath

  • Centering for 6 emulsion cylinders mounted on a rotating plate so the cylinders in the bath are under the motor stirrer axle

  • Square bar supporting the motor stirrer with stop system allowing the exact immersion of the blade agitator

  • Stainless steel blade agitator 19 × 1.5 mm L = 120.6 mm connected to a stainless steel 6.35 mm shaft

  • Programmable digital timer for duration of the test

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Herschel Emulsifying​

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Art. LT/HE-185000-A/M

Semiautomatic Herschel Emulsifier


  • Bath housed in a Pyrex® tank ∅ 200 mm mounted on a painted resistance stainless steel chassis

  • Stainless steel heater

  • Digital thermoregulator with PID temperature control and PT100 probe A Class

  • Safety thermostat for overtemperature protection and warning lamp

  • Motor stirrer for temperature stability of the bath

  • 6 places rotating support able to accommodate up to 6 test graduated glass cylinders

  • Square bar, with safety metal block, supporting the motor stirrer with digital display for setting and reading current speed rotation (adjustable range from 50 to 2000 rpm)

  • Stainless steel blade agitator 19 × 1.5 mm L = 120.6 mm with shaft

  • Programmable digital timer to start and end the analysis automatically

  • Double fuses for power supply protection

  • Two poles main switch with operating lamp


Power supply

220 Vac 50/60 Hz



50 × 50 × 70 cm



30 kg


Art. LT/HE-186000/M

Semiautomatic Herschel Emulsifier


  • Compact structure painted with anti-acid epoxidy productsStainless steel bath insulated and equipped with a wide double windows equipped with illuminating LED barriers

  • 1 × drain tap

  • Cover with 6 holes for the accommodation of up to 6 graduated cylinders

  • Heating supplied by stainless steel heater

  • PT100 made in stainless steel for bath temperature control

  • Liquid level sensor with alarm

  • Water pump for bath uniformity

  • 6 × Herschel head equipped with stirring paddle, rpm sensor and up/down movement system

  • Beeper for audible alarm at the end of analysisIntegrated touch screen panel pc 6” with dedicated software:

  • 6 × independent timer management

  • Bath temperature management

  • Independent RPM setting

  • 2 × USB ports for connection to external hardware


Power Supply

220Vac 50/60 Hz



78 × 50 × 94 cm



105 kg



T-AS19C: thermometer ASTM 19C

T-AS21C: thermometer ASTM 21C


Spare Parts

LAB-140-002: PT100 probe

LAB-101-851: glass cylinder Pyrex®, 100 ml graduated

LAB-101-852: Pyrex® jar, only for LT/HE-185000-A/M

LAB-110-005: heater, only for LT/HE-185000-A/M

LAB-110-006: heater, only for LT/HE-186000/M

LAB-140-002: PT100 probe

LAB-160-014: digital thermoregulator, only for LT/HE-185000-A/M

LAB-150-015: static relay


CE marked