Gas and LPG Autosampler​

Gas and LPG Autosampler

Analyzing gas and liquefied gas is often seen as difficult and problematic. The chosen sampling technique and ability to handle different kinds of gas at different pressure levels and physical state is challenging to say the least.


TE Instruments has developed a unique sampling system:

The GLS (Gas & Liquefied gas Sampling module) for sampling gas and LPG from pressurized gas cylinders.

The sampler forms a perfect match together with the XPLORER elemental combustion but can also be combined with any other combustion analyzer as an excellent stand-alone sampling system, due to the Incorporated Touch Screen.


GLS; Pressurized gas & LPG samples.

Two integrated loops; one with a volume of 10 mL for gas and one with 100 µL for liquefied gas are the standard built-in sampling loops for the GLS. The illuminated sight glass shows whether the introduced LPG sample enters the 100 µL sample loop as a liquid, ensuring that each sampling amount is 100 µL. The 100 µL LPG sample is flash evaporated before entering the Xplorer elemental combustion analyzer. Simply position the pressurized sample cylinder at the appropriate introduction port and start the XPLORER combustion analyzer.

The chosen analysis method is being executed and the pre-set number of sample loops is run and analyzed. Parameters like evaporation temperature, amount of sample loops, flow and pressure are automatically controlled and monitored at all times.


Safe, reliable and robust

In most cases the type of gas to be analyzed is highly flammable and might pose a risk in the laboratory. To ensure the safest possible way of handling, the GLS is equipped with a gas leakage sensor which constantly measures the composition of the air inside the sampler. When hydrocarbons are detected, the sampler assumes there is a possible dangerous situation and aborts all activity. The user interface on the gas sampling systems and the XPLORER monitor indicate that a situation has occurred and various safety measures are taken. The introduction of sampling gas into the XPLORER system and the carrier gas flow are stopped. After inspection and correction, the reset button on the touch screen can be pressed in order to resume activity.


Safety lock

The GLS automatic safety mechanism detects pressure in the connection between the sample cylinder and the GLS. As long pressure is detected, the safety lock will automatically prevent unintended removal of the pressurized sample cylinder. The moment the operator has closed the cylinder and pressure has been released in the connection, the safety lock will automatically drop for removal of the sample cylinder.


Truly unique: calibrating out of a single CRM

The GLS is able to create a calibration line out of a single CRM standard when connected to the XPLORER combustion analyzer. The Automatic Calibration Function will free up time from the operator, while generating the ideal calibration curve using the XPLORER. By setting a number of sample loops using a singular CRM standard, a calibration line can be created. Up to 100 sample loops can be set through the local user interface or through TE Instruments Software (TEIS).


Ultra-low detection

The GLS is able to handle liquefied gas samples at the same ultra-low level as liquid samples: 20 ppb Sulfur / Nitrogen.

Components in gas can usually not be measured at the same low level as liquid or liquefied gas samples because of the physical laws applicable. However the GLS is able to handle these kind of samples perfectly, demonstrating a detection limit in the low ppb’s with outstanding repeatability. To avoid any cross contamination, the GLS features purge and rinse options.



When the GLS is used as a stand-alone sampling system, all options, for example customized methods, amount of injection and purging, can be set by the incorporated touch screen. In the GLS the gas sample pressure from the cylinder is reduced to an optimum gas pressure in the sample loop, which is manually controlled by the operator. The pressurized gas sample in the liquid phase is introduced by a controlled liquid-to-gas expansion in a heated sample loop, towards the combustion analyzer for problem free oxidation.

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Gas and LPG Autosampler

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