Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels​

ASTM D2386, DIN 51421, IP 16, ISO 3013


Freezing point of aviation fuels

Covers the determination of the temperature below which solid hydrocarbon crystals may form in aviation turbine fuels and aviation gasoline.


Art. LT/FP-237000/M

Manual Freezing Point - ASTM D2386


  • Double tube 30 × 240 mm fitted with cap with a stopper supporting the thermometer and moisture-proof collar through which the stirrer passes

  • Dewar jar 75 × 280 mm mount-based

  • Stirrer made of 1.6 mm brass rod bent into a smooth three-loop spiral at the bottom

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Freezing Point of Aviation Fuels

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Art. LT/FP-237500/M

Electric Freezing Point - ASTM D2386


  • Double tube 30 × 240 mm fitted with cap

  • Dewar jar 75 × 280 mm mount-based

  • Geared motor for stirring at 80 rpm with wire stirrer

  • PT100 sensor

  • Mounted on a plate structure painted with anti-acid epoxy products

  • Power supply 220 Vac 50/60 Hz


Power Supply

220Vac 50/60 Hz



cm 40 × 50 × 80



kg 10



T-AS114C: thermometer ASTM 114C IP 14C


Spare Parts

LAB-102-371: double tube

LAB-102-372: wire stirrer

LAB-102-373: Dewar jar 75 × 280 mm

LAB-102-374: cap

LAB-102-375: PT100 sensor, only for LT/FP-237500/M


CE marked