Freezing Point Refrigerator​

ASTM D1655, D2386, D5901, D5972, D7154, IP 16, IP 435, IP 528, IP 529, ISO 3013 


Freezing Point of aviation fuels, aviation gasoline, aviation turbine fuels, engine coolants, antifreeze products, brake fluids,…


Measuring Freezing Point Principle

According to the methods, the sample is cooled down and stirred. The solid hydrocarbon crystals formation are observed by the operator. As soon as crystals are detected, the sample is warmed up until their complete disappearance.


Measuring Temperature Probe



Art. LT/RB-55004/M

Freezing Point Refrigerator


  • Bench top model made in alluminium with epoxid anti-acid paint

  • 4 dry clean wells of test

  • 4 small stand-by covers

  • Working temperatures: +60° … -80° C

  • 1 temperature digital controllers resolution 0,1°

  • 1 PT 100 probes class A

  • 1 main switches

  • CFC free gases

  • 4 start/stop button for stirrer

  • Stirrer

  • A micro-motor drives all the mechanical system

  • 3 coils stirrer made of brass

  • Measuring Parameters

  • Temperatures: in °C/°F

  • Measuring range: +80°C … -100°C

  • Resolution: 0.1 °C

  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C

  • Repeatability / reproducibility as per standards methods or better


Test Jar

Product level

  • Same dimensions and volume as described by the standard test methods

  • mark at 25 ml

  • Small edge on the top in order to fix the glass cell to the analytical head


Cooling System

  • Insulated cooling jackets.

  • Integrated gas CFC free motor compressors: Double stage, for temperatures up to -85°C / 2.

  • Equipped with an automatic energy power save system. After 15 minutes from the end of the analysis the cooling system goes in stand-by mode.


Safety Devices

  • controller for 1st stage motor compressorPressure controller for 2nd stage motor compressor

  • Thermostat for 2nd stage activation

  • Thermo-switch for each cooling / heating jacket

  • Motor compressors equipped with internal overload devices


Electrical Supply

220V ± 15% / 50 to 60 Hz

115V ± 15% / 60 Hz


Cord Cable

3 conductors flexible cable 2 m (7 feet) length with PVC sheath oil and heat resistant.


Ambient Temperature

Max 32 °C

H.R. 80%



w 100 x d 60 x h 80 cm



110 kg


Spare Parts

LAB-400/005-03: heather + auto adhesive + insulation

LAB-400/005-04: thermo switch

LAB-400/005-06: PT100 bath

LAB-400/007-02: static relay

LAB-400/006-01: cooling fluid valve + fitting

LAB-400/008-05: stirrer

LAB-400/008-06: motor for stirrer

LAB-410/008-12: removable glass cell Freezing Point

LAB-410/008-041: o-ring for Freezing Point test jar

LAB-410-556-M: freezing point module


CE marked

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Freezing Point Refrigerator​

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