Evaporation Bath​


DIN 51784

IP 131


Gum Content in Fuels by Jet Evaporation.

This test method covers the determination of the existent gum content of aviation fuels, and the gum content of motor gasolines or other volatile distillates in their finished form (including those containing alcohol and ether type oxygenates and deposit control additives) at the time of test.


Art. LT/EB-241000/M

Evaporation Bath - Air and Steam Jet ASTM D381


  • Bath equipped with stainless jacket in aluminium block8 concentric pre-heating coils of 8 wells connected to the central collector with socket for steam measurer (flowmetric manometer for “Steam Jet”)

  • By-pass valve for the exclusion of the air or steam

  • 8 mobile blowing devices

  • Insulated air gap

  • Steam over-heater with adjustment and condensate discharge valves

  • Heating and over-heater are controlled by a digital thermoregulator PID with over-temperature alarm

  • The bath is fitted with a flowmeter with sheath for “Air Jet” test with connection for flow apparatus (art.LT/FA-246000/TSA210), not included and adjustment valve

  • Flowmetric manometer for “Steam Jet” test



LT/B-2470/BCA200: analytical balance

LT/DO-248000/N/50: natural ventilation oven

LAB-102-421: Pyrex® beaker

LT/FA-246000/TSA210: flow apparatus

LAB-102-423: steam generator

T-AS3C: thermometer ASTM 3C IP 73C


Spare Parts

LAB-102-421: Pyrex® beaker

LAB-140-001/A: PT100 probe

LAB-160-014: digital thermoregulator

LAB-150-015/40: static relay


CE marked



Evaporation Bath

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Evaporation Bath

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