Corrosion of Cast Aluminum​

ASTM D4340

Standard Test Method for Corrosion of Cast Aluminum Alloys in Engine Coolants Under Heat-Rejecting Conditions.

This test method covers a laboratory screening procedure for evaluating the effectiveness of engine coolants in combating corrosion of aluminum casting alloys under heat-transfer conditions that may be present in aluminum cylinder head engines.


Art. LT/CA-222000/M

Corrosion of Cast Aluminum Alloys in Engine Coolants Apparatus


  • Stainless steel cabinet equipped with liquid collector and drain trap

  • Protection window with open/ closed feature that include: Pyrex glass cell complete with o-ring, heat transfer plate made in aluminium positioned on heating plate

  • Top plate with for pressure inlet at 138 Kpa, safety valve and pressure gauge

  • Digital thermo-regulator with 0,1°C resolution

  • Digital timer with the presetted work cycle of 168 Hrs

  • PT100 sensor A Class for temperature reading

  • Safety thermostat to prevent overheating


Cooling Fan

Working temperature: up to 160°C


Power Supply

220 Vac 50/60 Hz

Max. Power Consumption

1000 W



width 32 cm

depth 42 cm

height 88 cm



25 kg



LAB-222-001: cast aluminium heat transfer


Spare Parts

LAB-222-001: cast aluminium heat transfer

LAB-222-002: PT100 probe for cast aluminium heat transfer, 3 × 180 mm

LAB-222-003: sealing o-rings, pack of 2 pcs.

LAB-222-004: sample test cell 500 ml, level mark

LAB-222-005: heater collar 420 W, 60 × 50 mm, pack of 2 pcs.

LAB-222-006: safety thermostat 300°C

LAB-222-007: digital thermoregulator and programmer K38P

LAB-222-008: pressure gauge 63 mm diameter, 6 bar M1/4 G

LAB-222-009: pressure relief valve adjustable, 0/10Bar M1/4 G

LAB-222-010: pressure drain valve, 0/10 Bar 1/4G MF

LAB-222-011: static relay, 10/40 A

LAB-222-012: drain tap, 1/4G MF

LAB-222-013: quick coupling female 1/4 G for pressure inlet


CE marked

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Corrosion of Cast Aluminum

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