Consistency of Lubricating Greases

ASTM D217 - ASTM D1403

Cone penetration of lubricating grease.

Cover four procedures for measuring the consistency of lubricating greases by the penetration of a cone of specified dimensions, mass and finish.


Art. LT/GW-67000/M

Manual Grease Worker ASTM D217 - D1403


  • Brass body

  • Screw cover with air valve and thermometer pass

  • Piston with ground-slideway brass handle allowing connection to a base with lever (art. 68000) or automatic machine (art. 69000, art. 70000)

  • Disc complying with ASTM regulations and with 51 holes ∅ 6.35 mm

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Consistency of Lubricating Greases

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Art. LT/GW-68000/M

Slave Unit ASTM D217 - D1403


  • For manipulating fats manually
  • Adaptable to Manual Grease Worker (art. 67000)

Art. LT/GW-70000-1/M

Automatic Grease Worker ASTM D217 - D1403


  • 5 figure stroke counter
  • Automatic preselector
  • Adaptable to Manual Grease Worker (Art. 670000)
  • Art. LT/GW-70000-2/M
  • Automatic Grease Worker (2 places)


Power Supply

220Vac 50/60 Hz



cm 45 × 40 × 60



kg 15



LAB-100-682: churn plate FTM with 270 ∅ 1.58 mm holes

LAB-100-710: grease cutter

LAB-100-714: half-scale grease worker ASTM D1403, stainless steel,

with 8 ∅ 6.35 mm holes

LAB-100-718: quarter-scale grease worker ASTM D1403, stainless steel,

with 8 ∅ 3.17 mm holes

T-0110: thermometer 0° +110°C


Spare Parts

LAB-100-681: disc ASTM with 51 ∅ 6.35 mm holes


CE marked