Cleveland - Flash Point​

AASHTO T48 (obs.), ASTM D92, BS 4689 (obs.), DIN 51376 (obs.), EN 22592 (obs.), FTM 791-1103, ISO 2592, IP 36, JIS K 2265, NF T60-118 (obs.)


Flash and Fire Point by Cleveland Open Cup Tester.

This test method describes the determination of the flash and fire point of petroleum products with flash points above 79°C (175°F) and below 400°C (752°F) except fuel oils.


Art. LT/CO-88000/M

Electric Cleveland


  • Electrically heated by electronic regulator

  • Mounted on a case painted with anti-acid epoxy products

  • Calibrated brass cup

  • Gas ignition device fitted with a pivot manually passing through the cup

  • Pincers for thermometer

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Cleveland - Flash Point​

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Art. LT/CO-89000/DC

Semiautomatic Electric Cleveland


  • Electrically heated by electronic regulator manually settable

  • Mounted on a case painted with anti-acid epoxy products

  • Calibrated brass crucible

  • Safety cover for fire extinguish at end of analysis

  • Lighter passage across the centre of the test cup managed by an electric motor activated by a switch button

  • Electrical ignitor with gas pilot flame

  • Able to work on gas and electric or only electric mode

  • Digital display for sample temperture reading

  • PT100 probe class A mounted on an mechanical arm with electrical motor for self positioning

  • Pincers for thermometer


Power Supply

220Vac 50/60 Hz



cm 48 × 37 × 61



kg 15



LAB-100-749: gas reducer 30 mbar

LAB-100-750: rubber tube-joint and tube 5 m

T-AS11C: thermometer ASTM 11C - IP 28C

T-AS11F: thermometer ASTM 11F - IP 28F


Spare Parts

LAB-670/09-05: calibrated brass cup

LAB-670/07-02: gas ignition device

LAB-150-110: electronic regulator

LAB-670/05-13: heater

Spare Parts for art. LT/CO-89000/DC

LAB-670/07-01: electrical ignitor

LAB-670/08-12: PT100 for sample temperature

LAB-160-014: digital thermoregulator


CE marked