CP610 - Cloud & Pour Point​

Low-Temperature Cloud Point & Pour Point


Test Methods


ASTM D2500

ASTM D5853




DIN 51597

JIS K2269

ISO 3015

ISO 3016



King Cloud & Pour Point Bath measures low temperature cloud point and pour point of fluids and lubricants.  Standard manual C&P bath offering an alternative to costly automated devices.  Self-contained refrigeration system with ramp/soak temperature programming ability.


The Cloud & Pour Point is a common test for a variety of industry specifications.


Features & Benefits

  • Measures low temperature cloud point and pour point of fluids and lubricants.
  • Standard manual bath offering an alternative to costly automated devices.
  • Self-contained single bath system with (4) test ports.
  • Broad temperature range from +30°C to -70°C.
  • Small (1) gallon liquid bath for fast and efficient temperature adjustment and control.
  • Meets common industry test methods for Pour Point and Cloud Point determinations.


CE Mark


Parts & Accessories

950326:  Copper Sleeve

950322:  Test Jar

950321:  Test Jar Stopper—Pierced Cork

950327:  Cork Ring

950317:  Cork Solid

950313:  Test Hole Stoppers

350190:  Desiccant Assembly

550175:  Desiccant Media (1 lb. | 0.45 kg)

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