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DIN 53019



  • LAB-100-231: beaker - short-shaped, 600 ml
  • LAB-100-237: UL adapter - ideal for measuring low viscosity materials, small sample size 16 ml
  • LAB-100-232: DIN adapter - DIN 53019low volumes (16 to 20 ml)
  • LAB-100-238: water bath for refrigerating and heating (-20 to +200°C)
  • LAB-100-233: sall sample adapter low volumes (2 to 16 ml)
  • LAB-100-239: vane spindles - for use with paste
  • LAB-100-234: spiral adapter, designed for measuring the viscosity of heavy paste
  • LAB-100-240: disposable sample chambers,are intended for use with materials that are difficult to clean
  • LAB-100-235: jar - double wall, 600 ml
  • LAB-100-241: Thermosel™, for elevate temperature testing up to 300°C, for use with hot melts, asphalt, wax, polymers
  • LAB-100-236: helipath stand, designed for viscosity consistency measurements of gels pastes



cm 35 × 35 × 60





CE marked

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