B.R.T.A. Viscometer​

P 72 - IP 502

EN 12846, EN 13357


Viscosity Cutback Bitumen.

Measure of the viscosity by determining the time of efflux of 50 ml of a cutback bitumen, at 40°C, through a dedicated orifice.


Art. LT/BV-14000-1/M

Digital B.R.T.A. Viscometer IP 72 - 2 places


  • Water bath made in stainless steel 18/8, insulated double wall, front opened jacket

  • Digital thermoregulator PID with over temperature alarm and PT100 A probe

  • Lid with double stainless steel heater

  • Motor Stirrer with shaft

  • Atmospheric drain with drain cock

  • Cooling coil with relevant joints for the connection to an external cooling source

  • Calibrated brass oil cup with orifice no.2 included (for each place)


Power Supply

220Vac 50/60 Hz



cm 45 × 50 × 85



kg 25



LAB-100-141: calibrated brass cup with orifice ∅ 4

LAB-100-142: calibrated brass cup with orifice ∅ 10

LAB-100-144: go/not go gauge ∅ 4

LAB-100-145: go/not go gauge ∅ 10

LAB-100-143: receiver made in glass, pack of 5 pcs.

LAB-100-332: digital stopwatch



T-IP8C: thermometer IP 8C Redwood Low Range 0 °C …+45 °C Div. 0.2


Silicon Oil

LAB-100-371/50: silicon oil viscosity approx. 50 mm2 / S @ 25 °C, suitable for working temperatures up to +150 °C, can of 25 litres


Spare Parts

LAB-140-002: o-ring small for filling stopper, pack of 3 pcs.

LAB-100-140: calibrated brass cup with orifice ∅ 2

LAB-100-146: go/not go gauge ∅ 2


CE marked

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B.R.T.A. Viscometer

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