Asphaltenes Extraction​

ASTM D6560

DIN 51595

IP 143


Determination of Asphaltenes (Heptane Insolubles) in Crude Petroleum and Petroleum Products.

Covers a procedure for the determination of the heptane insoluble asphaltene content of gas oil, diesel fuel, residual fuel oils, lubricating oil, bitumen, and crude petroleum that has been topped to an oil temperature of 260°C


Art. LT/AA-114000/M

Determination Asphaltenes Apparatus ASTM D6560

  • Heating plate with temperature regulation and magnetic stirring, 230 Vac / 50-60 Hz, with support rod and clamp
  • Condenser
  • Reflux extractor
  • Filter funnel
  • Evaporating vessel
  • Forceps for manage the filters
  • Conical flask, to be ordered separately
  • Conical Flasks
  • LAB-101-132/1000: Erlenmeyer Flask 1000 ml, complete of stopper
  • LAB-101-132/500: Erlenmeyer Flask 500 ml, complete of stopper
  • LAB-101-132/250: Erlenmeyer Flask 250 ml, complete of stopper
  • LAB-101-132/150: Erlenmeyer Flask 150 ml, complete of stopper
  • LAB-101-132/100: Erlenmeyer Flask 100 ml, complete of stopper



LAB-100-555/50: graduated cylinder, capacity 50 ml

LAB-100-555/100: graduated cylinder, capacity 100 ml

LAB-103-776: filter papers, grade 42, ∅ 110 mm, pack of 100 pcs.


Optional Accessories

LAB-102-275: dessicator 300 mm

LT/AB-200/M: analytical balance 200 gr


Spare Parts

LAB-101-134: condenser

LAB-101-135: reflux extractor

LAB-101-136: glass stoppers

LAB-101-137: magnetic bars

LAB-101-138: evaporating vessel


CE marked

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Asphaltenes Extraction

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