Aniline Point​


IP 2-A-B-C-D


ASTM D611-A, IP 2-A - Aniline Point and Mixed Aniline Point of Petroleum Products and Hydrocarbon Solvents


Method A is suitable for transparent samples with an initial boiling point above room temperature and where the aniline point is below the bubble point and above the solidification point of the aniline-sample mixture.


Method B, a thin-film method, is suitable for samples too dark for testing by Method A.


Methods C is for samples that may vaporize appreciably at the aniline point.

Method D is for samples that may vaporize appreciably at the aniline point, particularly suitable where only small quantities of sample are available.


Art. LT/AP-215000-A/M

Aniline Point ASTM D611-A


  • Electric heater device

  • Pyrex® jacket ∅ 40 × 175 mm height

  • Pyrex® test tube ∅ 25 × 150 mm height

  • Manual stirrer

  • Caps

  • Support



Art. LT/AP-215000-B/M

Aniline Point “Thin-film” ASTM D611-B


  • Electric heater device

  • 600 ml Pyrex® jar

  • Adjustable support for pumping motor

  • Gauged body pump made in Pyrex®

  • Control box with speed variator for pumping and sample stirring also controlling the intensity of a low voltage lamp

  • Blocking cover

  • Manual bath stirrer

  • Pyrex® cell

  • Stainless steel pump

  • Cooling coil


Art. LT/AP-215000-C/M

Aniline Point “Tube” ASTM D611-C


  • Electric heater device

  • Test tube 22 mm ∅ × 150 mm height

  • Caps

  • Support


Art. LT/AP-215000-D/M

Aniline Point ASTM D611-D


  • Electric heater device

  • Test tube ∅ 22 mm

  • Caps

  • Support


Power Supply

  • 220Vac 50/60 Hz



  • cm 40 × 50 × 60



  • kg 8


Spare Parts for LT/AP-215000-A/M

LAB-102-151: external jacket

LAB-102-152: test tube

LAB-102-153: manual stirrer

LAB-102-153/S: glass sleeve for metal stirrer

LAB-102-154/G: cork for external jacketed tube

LAB-102-154/P: cork for test tube


Spare Parts for LT/AP-215000-B/M

LAB-102-155: external jar

LAB-102-156: internal test cell

LAB-102-157: manual stirrer

LAB-102-158: pump body made in glass

LAB-102-159: pump rotor

LAB-150-033: lamps


Spare Parts for LT/AP-215000-C/M

LAB-102-160: test tube

LAB-102-161: thermometer tube

LAB-102-162: cork stopper

LAB-102-163: metal guard


Spare Parts for LT/AP-215000-D/M

LAB-102-163: metal guard

LAB-102-164: test bulb

LAB-102-165: sampling pipette



T-AS33C: thermometer ASTM 33C IP 20C

T-AS33F: thermometer ASTM 33F

T-AS34C: thermometer ASTM 34C IP 21C

T-AS34F: thermometer ASTM 34F

T-AS35C: thermometer ASTM 35C IP 59C

T-AS35F: thermometer ASTM 35F


General Accessories

LT/B-2470/BCA200: analytical balance

LT/DO-248000/N: natural ventilation oven


CE marked



Aniline Point


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Aniline Point

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