ARV Classic​

ARV Classic

Air release value - Impinger Method



ASTM D3427

IP 313

DIN 1381



Standard Test Method for Air Release Properties of Petroleum Oils



Complete equipment for determination of the ability of an oil to separate entrained air in hydraulic, turbine andother lubricating oils according to the above mentioned standard methods.


The tester is equipped with an electronic temperature controller and digital display and control knob, one pressure gauge, one valve for heated air delivery, a plate for installing the density balance (to be ordered separately), two moving attachments for installing up to two glass vessels (one for bubbling while the density is being recorded in the other), the air preheating vessel is installed behind the front panel, one thermometer ASTM 12C and one stop watch.



  • Very compact equipment including all necessary items
  • Optional Integrated balance with acquisition software



Impinger testing unit with air heater and special

  • Support for density balance


Thermostatic circulator for jacketed test vessel

  • Pressure gauge
  • Jacketed sample tube with inlet and outlet air tube
  • One electronic temperature controller
  • One chronometer
  • Suspension hook


  • REF 12629 10 ml plunger, 80 mm long
  • REF 21375 Electronic stopwatch
  • REF 11499 ASTM thermometer (12 C)



  • REF 12628 5 ml plunger
  • REF 12629 10 ml plunger
  • REF 9416887 New "Adam" analytical balance (120 g / 0.1 mg) is supplied with software and connecting cable for density measurements, This software allows to measure ,record the air release time automatically. "NBL 124E" model with USB. The balance calculates into density units
  • REF 21375 Electronic stopwatch
  • REF 12627 Complete sample glassware



  • REF 941688  ARV CLASSIC For use on AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz – 6
  • REF 941688 /115V on request
  • (W) 590 x (D) 340 x (H) 590 mm (±105 kg)

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ARV Classic

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ARV Classic