Liquids XYZ Autosampler with optional conditioned trays


The ARCHIE is a robotic liquids auto sampler that increases productivity, saves time and reduces errors. It operates with a flexible 100 μL syringe to inject the sample with utmost precision into a vertical liquids, or horizontal boat introduction module at controlled speed, forming a perfect match with the XPLORER analyzer!


The sampler automatically picks up sample from the assigned vial position and delivers it to the introduction module. In between analysis of samples, standards, and blanks, the syringe and needle are cleaned in a special dual wash & drain station tray to avoid cross contamination. A calibration line can be created out of a single CRM standard through the auto-dilution function. A prime example of teamwork between the auto sampler and combustion analyzer, enabling the operator to calibrate and analyze a sample queue completely unattended.


The ARCHIE is set up to work with standard 2 mL vials on one or two vial trays of 105 positions each. Both vial trays can be equipped as temperature controlled vial trials for cooling as well as heating. An audible signal, color coded LED (RGB) indicator and Device Status in TEIS software communicate the sampler status and performance parameters.




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