ERASPEC – FTIR Fuel Analysis

Spectral fuel analysis in seconds

The portable NIR/MID-FTIR spectrometer that is fully automated and multi-fuel capable. With its patented rugged design, it is perfect for fast gasoline, diesel & jet fuel analysis, delivering precise results for over 40 fuel parameters, like aromatics incl. benzene (ASTM D6277, EN 238), oxygenates (ASTM D5845), FAME (ASTM D7806, EN14078), etc. and many fuel properties like Octane, Cetane, Density, Distillation, Vapor Pressure, etc.

Fingerprint Your Fuels in Seconds

ERASPEC Fuel Analyzer performing a measurement

Gasoline Analysis: oxygenates, aromatics, OCTANE boosters, RON, MON, AKI, RVPE, VLI, density and distillation properties …

Diesel Fuel Analysis: FAME, FAEE, distinction between FAME and vegetable oil, aromatics, PNA, CETANE number and index …

Jet Fuel Analysis: aromatics, PNA, FAME, freezing point, flash point…

all this in seconds with a portable analyzer in full compliance with the latest standards such as ASTM D5845, D6277, D7806, EN 238, EN 14078 …

Detailed FTIR Analysis

IR spectrum of a typtical fuel measured with ERASPEC

ERASPEC uses a patented rugged Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer to deliver laboratory precision in a portable instrument. At the single push of a button it analyzes your fuel for over 40 parameters within seconds. ERASPEC directly measures the significant gasoline components, such as aromatics, oxygenates and octane boosters. In addition, it determines all important gasoline parameters. Those include RON, MON, AKI, RVPE, VLI and distillation properties to name but a few.

In Diesel fuel the instrument directly measures total aromatics, polynuclear aromatics and the cetane improver 2-EHN. Biodiesel measurements deliver results for the FAME and FAEE concentrations. The instrument then uses the measurements to calculate the cetane number, cetane index and the distillation fractions. Jet fuel analysis additionally gives results for the freezing, flash- and smoke points.

The built-in oscillating U-tube density meter (ASTM D7777, ISO 15212) accurately measures fuel density and allows displaying the results in Vol% as well as in Mass%.

Huge Expandable Database

ERASPEC comes preconfigured with a huge database of several hundred international calibration samples. But we would not let this be your limit. Therefore, we made it easy to drive ERASPEC’s excellent result accuracy even further: It is possible to add as many samples of known concentrations or properties to the database as are required. By training ERASPEC with new samples you can even define completely new parameters for the results. This process is so simple, you should really give it a try.

Compliant Biodiesel Testing

Comparison of Diesel spectra with and without FAME measured with ERASPEC

Due to governmental regulations as well as influences on Diesel fuel properties it is important to monitor Biodiesel concentrations in Diesel blends. ERASPEC analyzes Biodiesel across a range of 0-65 Vol%, which covers all blend ratios in practical use.

It fully complies with the brand new ASTM D7806 standard and can also directly determine Biodiesel according to EN 14078. ERASPEC analyzes the sample for contaminations with vegetable oil and displays a notification if vegetable oil is detected.

ERASPEC is calibrated with a matrix of Biodiesel produced from canola oil. To increase the measurement accuracy even further, it offers a simple functionality to add additional calibration models for Biodiesel produced from other sources, such as soybeans.

ERASPEC fuel analyzer with installed auto sampler

Autosampler for Unattended Analysis

The 10-position autosampler lets you maximize your sample throughput while saving precious operator time. The sampler is directly attached and performs measurements without operator intervention.

Optimized Design for Unmatched Precision

Gasoline and Diesel/jet fuels show highly different IR signal intensities in measurements. To achievehighest precision for all fuel types ERASPEC uses a patented, purpose-designed dual transmission cell setup. Gasoline, which exhibits higher signal intensities, is measured through a 20µm cell whereas Diesel and jet fuel measurements are performed with a 100µm cell to enhance their low signal intensity.

High-precision measurements require the best signal-to-noise ratio to accurately determine concentrations of individual compounds. ERASPEC therefore uses an optimized spectral resolution of 4cm-1 for low-noise fuel measurements in full compliance with latest standards. Additionally, ERASPEC automatically chooses between different signals obtained from one substance and always uses the best signal of each component for evaluation. These features combined result in a superior signal-to-noise ratio and a truly comprehensive measurement range.

Available Fuel Parameters

MTBE 0 – 20 Vol% 0.08 Vol%
ETBE 0 – 25 Vol% 0.1 Vol%
TAME 0 – 25 Vol% 0.1 Vol%
DIPE 0 – 20 Vol% 0.1 Vol%
Methanol 0 – 15 Vol% 0.05 Vol%
Iso-Propanol 0 – 20 Vol% 0.1 Vol%
Ethanol 0 – 25 Vol% 0.15 Vol%
tert-Butanol 0 – 25 Vol% 0.1 Vol%
2-Butanol 0 – 25 Vol% 0.1 Vol%
All other Oxygenates 0 – 20 Vol% 0.1 Vol%
Sum Parameters
Total Aromatics 0 – 60 Vol% 0.8 Vol%
Total Oxygen 0 – 12 m% 0.04 m%
Total Olefins 0 – 80 Vol% 0.7 Vol%
Total Saturates 0 – 100 Vol% 1.1 Vol%
Di-Olefins 0 – 15 Vol% 0.18 Vol%
Benzene 0 – 10 Vol% 0.018 Vol%
Toluene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.3 Vol%
m-Xylene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
o-Xylene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
p-Xylene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
Ethylbenzene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
Propylbenzene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
2-Ethyltoluene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
3-Ethyltoluene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
4-Ethyltoluene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
Pseudocumene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
Hemillitol 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
Mesitylene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
Iso-Durene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
Durene 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
Naphthalene 0 – 10 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
All other Aromatics 0 – 20 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
Octane Boosters
MMT and CMT 0 – 10000 mg/l 20 mg/l
Manganese (by MMT) 0 – 2500 mg/l 3 mg/l
DCPD (Dicyclopentadiene) 0 – 15 Vol% 0.11 Vol%
N-Methylaniline 0 – 15 Vol% 0.12 Vol%
Aniline 0 – 15 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
Research Octane Number (RON) 70 – 110 0.2
Motor Octane Number (MON) 65 – 100 0.1
Anti Knock Index (AKI) 65 – 105 0.2
RVP & DVPE 35 – 100 kPa 1 kPa
Distillation fractions IBP, T10, T50, T90, FBP 1.0 °C
Evaporation fractions E70, E100, E150, E180, E200, E300, E350, E370 0.5 V%
Density (integrated) 0 – 3 gcm-3 0.0005 gcm-3
Driveability Index
VOC Emissions Calculator
Vapor Lock Index (VLI)
Unlimited freely programmable properties
Total Aromatics 0 – 60 Vol% 0.3 Vol%
Polynuclear Aromatics (PNA) 0 – 50 Vol% 0.1 Vol%
Cetane Improver (2-EHN) 0 – 20000 mg/l 23 mg/l
Cetane Number 20 – 80 0.8
Cetane Index 20 – 80 0.7
Distillation fractions IBP, T10, T50, T65, T85, T90, T95, FBP 1.0 °C
Evaporation E250, E350
Density (integrated) 0 – 3 gcm-3 0.0005 gcm-3
Unlimited freely programmable properties
FAME concentration 0 – 65 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
FAEE concentration 0 – 65 Vol% 0.2 Vol%
Distinction between FAME (Biodiesel) and vegetable oil
Separate calibrations for different FAME types
Total Aromatics 0 – 60 Vol% 0.45 Vol%
FAME concentration 0 – 6 Vol% 0.01 Vol%
Polynuclear Aromatics (PNA) 0 – 10 Vol% 0.08 Vol%
Freezing Point -25 – -75 °C 0.8°C
Flash Point 25 – 65 °C 0.8°C
Smoke Point 19 – 29 mm 0.2 mm
Viscosity @ 20°C 1.2 – 2.1 mPas 0.03 mPas
Viscosity @ -20°C 2.4 – 4.5 mPas 0.11 mPas
Distillation fractions IBP, T10, T50, T65, T85, T90, T95, FBP 2.6°C
Density 0 – 3 gcm-3 0.0005 gcm-3
Unlimited freely programmable properties
*) Lowest concentrations correspond to the limit of detection (LOD), all concentrations in Vol% and Mass%
**) The range and repeatability for all determined properties depend on the database used!


Measurement Screen of ERASPEC


All eralytics analyzers use an intuitive menu structure that is easy to navigate. Samples need no prior preparation and measurements are done fully automated.

The results are displayed immediately after the test on the large and userfriendly color touch screen. An internal memory holds the measurement results. For convenience, data can be directly saved to USB memory sticks for further processing or a thorough analysis. The data format is compatible with most PC spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft© Excel. Spectra can be saved in JCAMP-DX format. Customized print-out designs are available for easy direct printing.

Fuel testing in four easy steps with ERASPEC

  • Select the fuel type
  • Select/enter, sample ID and operator name
  • Put the inlet tubing into the sample
  • Press RUN to start the fully automated measurement

Connect to ERASPEC from a PC using our RCS Software




The RCS software by eralytics is the ideal tool for operating one or more eralytics analyzers via a PC. As an alternative to LIMS, it allows for convenient data transfer and fast analysis of results. It ideally supports the cuttingedge technology and functionalities built into the eralytics instruments.

  • Multi-instrument networking
  • Remote control
  • Fast & easy data transfer (results, settings, spectra, libraries etc.)
  • Software upgrade
  • Backup/restore for configurations and unit parameters

Connect ERASPEC to your LAN


All eralytics instruments are compact stand-alone analyzers with a built-in industrial PC. They represent the latest in technology, designed for longterm, maintenance-free operation. Of course, all eralytics analyzers use cutting-edge industry technology and provide universal data transfer options. Ethernet and USB interfaces allow advanced data management and connectivity to PCs, modern printers, keyboards, PC-mice, barcode readers, or other external equipment.


A direct out-of-the-box connection to LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) is established with a standard Ethernet cable.No extra software or PC are necessary.


The small footprint of the eralytics instruments makes them the first choice for use in the lab and on-site. Lightweight and built with an integrated carrying handle they are ideally suited for mobile applications.


Data are stored safely in the large results memory, which holds many thousand records. Six user levels and a state-of-the-art password technology protect your test result data from accidental deletion.


At the push of a button, firmware and software updates can be downloaded from the internet. The internet connection also allows to remotely control eralytics analyzers or to perform standard service activities.

Available test methods ASTM D5845, D6277, D7806, D7777; EN 238, EN 14078; ISO 15212; IP 559 
excellent correlation to ASTM D86, D323, D613, D976, D2699, D2700, D4814, D5191, D6378; ISO 3405, ISO 5163, ISO 5164, ISO 5165; EN 13016
Spectrometer type NIR/MID-FTIR interferometer (patented laser and temperature controlled design), optimized scanning technology with 16384 data points; scanning range: 450 to 7000 cm-1
Measurement cell Optimized single or dual-position cell for gasoline, Diesel fuel and jet fuel
Calibration Factory calibrated with a matrix of several hundred international fuels
Warm-up time 30 seconds
Measuring time 60 seconds
Sample introduction Directly from the sample container by an integrated pump
Cleaning Automatic rinsing with next sample or solvent
Filter Integrated 16 µ metal filter
Sample volume 10 ml
Display Industry proven 7’’ color touch screen
Communication languages English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, etc.
Interfaces Built-in PC with Ethernet, USB and RS232 interfaces
Direct LIMS connectivity and output to printer or PC
Optional input by external keyboard, mouse and barcode reader
Auto sampler Optional 10 position auto sampler – directly attached!
Remote control Remote service capability via Ethernet interface
Result database 50,000 detailed test reports and spectra stored in the internal memory
Operators 100 operator names storable, 6 user-levels, password protection
Alarm tracking All messages are stored in the database with the result
Power Requirements Auto switching 85-264 V AC, 47-63 Hz, 70 W (multi-voltage power supply)
Field application: 12V/7A DC (vehicle battery)
Safety Features CE, ROHS and UL/CSA compliant
Operating Conditions Temperature Range 10-45°C, Humidity up to 90% RH, non condensing
Dimensions / Weight 22 x 32 x 28 cm (8.7 x 12.6 x 11 in) / 8 kg (17.6 lb)
Accessories ERASOFT RCS – PC software for multi instrument networking, result & spectra download, view and analysis of spectra, software up-date, etc.
Carrying case for safe transport and storage
DC-adaptor for +12 V vehicle battery operation
Printer (USB Laser printer, parallel DeskJet or Dot Matrix)

* Due to continuing product development, specifications are subject to change. All eralytics products are manufactured under ISO 9001 regulations and are CE compliant.